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For information on Deer Parks consult Hampshire County Council’s Historic Settlement information click here for details. The search facility is at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, contact the Historic Environment Team click here for details.
For a particular area click on the local authority name below – NB New Forest National Park sites have not been separated out.

UPS 1997 – The Urban Parks Study was prepared for Hampshire County Council by Land Use Consultants, HGT Researchers contributed to the historic content of the survey. Eastleigh, Fareham, Havant and Rushmoor Parks have been updated click here for our E-Publications and publications.
Maps – generally these are sourced from Hampshire County Council, unfortunately, this facility is not now (2020) available, so if NLS is noted – this is a link to the National Library of Scotland’s map facility – 25″ Ordnance Survey maps from 1892 to 1914. Other maps are available, generally this is the most useful for our research purposes.
Rating for Research to do: H – high; M – Medium; L – Low; U – Update needed; D – Deleting – reviewing

Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council East Hampshire District Council
Eastleigh Borough Council Fareham Borough Council
Gosport Borough Council Hart District Council
Havant District Council New Forest District Council & New Forest National Park
Portsmouth City Council Rushmoor District Council
South Downs National Park Southampton City Council
Test Valley Borough Council Winchester District Council

Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council – If maps are noted – click to obtain pdf

Not all maps were available on the HCC database for this authority.

HCC Site ID Site Name Maps Parish
1279 Berehill House Care Home (Berehill House) Berehill House maps Whitchurch
1210 Candover House Candover House maps Candovers
1243 Dunley Manor Dunley Manor maps Litchfield and Woodcott
1253 Garden House, The Garden House, The, maps Pamber
1233 Hartley House (The Rectory) Hartley House maps Hartley Wespall
1218 Harwood Lodge Harwood Lodge maps East Woodhay
1256 North Hall North Hall maps Preston Candover
1282 Old Basing House (Basing House) Old Basing House maps Old Basing
1246 Quarrywood Quarrywood map Burghclere
1258 South Hall South Hall maps Preston Candover

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East Hampshire District Council – if maps are noted, click to obtain pdf

HCC Site ID Name Maps Rating Parish
1297 Anstey Park (Anstey Manor House) Anstey Park maps M Alton
1308 Bentworth Lodge (Binsted Hill) Bentworth Lodge maps M Bentworth
1649 Broadhatch House Broadhatch House map (1 only) L Bentley
1883 Chiltlee Manor House Chiltlee Manor House maps L Bramshott & Liphook
1324 Chiltley Place Chiltley Place maps L Bramshott & Liphook
1861 Crookley Park Crookley Park maps M Horndean
1320 Foley Manor (Fowley Manor) Foley Manor maps H Bramshott & Liphook
1429 Grayshott Hall Grayshott Hall maps H Grayshott
1323 Hewshott House Hewshott House maps H Bramshott & Liphook
1351 Highway House Highway House maps L Froyle
1312 Marelands (Mareland House) Marelands maps M Bentley
1305 Marsh House Marsh House maps L Bentley
1313 Mill Court Mill Court maps M Binsted
1306 Northbrook House Northbrook House, Bentley maps M Bentley
1325 Radford Park Radford Park maps M Bramshott & Liphook
1885 Shalden Lodge Shalden Lodge & Shalden Manor maps L Shalden
1395 Shalden Manor Maps as above M Shalden
1396 Shalden Park Farm & Wood Shalden Park Farm & Wood maps L Shalden

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Eastleigh Borough Council

HCC Site ID Name Maps Rating Parish
1763 Botley House Botley House maps M Botley
1863 Bursledon Cemetery Bursledon Cemetery maps L Bursledon
1949 Fair Oak Park Fairoak Park maps M Fair Oak
1182 Maidenstone Heath Maidenstone Heath maps M Bursledon

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Fareham Borough Council

HCC Site ID Name Maps Rating
1622 Great Abshot House Great Abshot House 1622 M
1633 Great Posbrook (Great Posbrook Farm) Great Posbrook 1633 M
1632 West Hill Park School (West Hill House) West Hill Park School 1632 M
1826 Wickham Road Cemetery Wickham Road Cemetery M

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Gosport District Council

HCC Site ID Name Maps
1927 Anglesey Lodge (Anglesey Gardens)
1747 Bastion No.1 (UPS 1997)
1753 Grove Road Recreation Ground (The Park) (UPS 1997)
1752 Hermitage Wildlife Garden, The
1761 Priddys Hard (UPS 1997)
1754 Privett Gardens (UPS 1997)
1755 Rowner Walk (UPS 1997)
1760 Royal Clarence Yard Flagstaff Green
1833 Royal Naval Hospital Haslar Cemetery, The
1929 Spring Gardens
1814 St Georges Barracks North
1815 Stokes Bay
1757 Stokesmead Field (UPS 1997)

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Hart District Council

HCC Site ID Name NLS link Rating Parish
1148 47 Connaught Road (Martletts, Ladybower) NLS M Fleet
1129 Court Moor House NLS D Fleet
1130 Dinorben Court NLS D Fleet
1147 Dower House, The NLS M Dogmersfield
1126 East Bridge House NLS ? D Crondall
1171 Ewshot Hall (Warren Corner House) NLS U Crondall
1135 Fir Grove Manor (Fir Grove House) NLS U Eversley
1844 Fleet Cemetery NLS M Fleet
1165 Frogmore Park NLS D Yateley
1141 Hazeley House NLS M Hartley Wintney
1843 Heathlands Cemetery NLS M Yateley
1845 Odiham Cemetery NLS L Odiham
1953 Odiham Castle NLS L Odiham
1131 St Nicholas School (Redfields) NLS D Crookham Village
1157 Wilks Water NLS M Odiham
1170 Yateley Lodge and Cricket Hill NLS M Yateley
1167 Yateley Place (Hifield) NLS L Yateley

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Havant Borough Council – If maps are noted – click to obtain pdf

HCC Site ID Name Maps Rating Parish
1674 Gothic Lodge Maps M Hayling Island
1839 Warblington Cemetery M Warblington
1665 Warblington Lodge L Warblington
1842 Waterloovile Cemetery M Waterlooville

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New Forest District Council & New Forest National Park – If maps are noted – click to obtain pdf

HCC Site ID Name Maps Parish
1002 Ashley Clinton Manor New Milton
1003 Ashley-Arnewood New Milton
1051 Avon Water House (NFNP) Sway
1070 Bartley Grange (NFNP) Copythorne
1071 Bartley Lodge Hotel (NFNP) Copythorne
1085 Bath House, Bucklers Hard Beaulieu
1072 Beechwood House (NFNP) Copythorne
1857 Blackfield Cemetery (NFNP) Fawley
1122 Blagdon Martin
1076 Bramble Hill Hotel (Bramble Hill Lodge) (NFNP) Bramble Hill Hotel maps Bramshaw
1102 Broomy Lodge (NFNP) Ellingham
1073 Bunkers Hill (NFNP) Copythorne
1109 Burgate Court Fordingbridge
1090 Burley Grange (NFNP) Burley Grange maps Burley
1101 Burley Hill House (NFNP) Burley Hill House maps Burley
1960 Burley Lodge (NFNP) NB – 4th ed map not available Burley Lodge maps Burley
1091 Burley Manor Hotel (NFNP) Burley Manor Park maps Burley
1092 Burnt Axon (NFNP) Burnt Axon maps Burley
1038 Calmore Road, 114 Totton and Eling
1046 Canterton Manor House (NFNP) Bramshaw
1047 Castle Malwood Park (NFNP) Minstead
1094 Castle Top (NFNP) Castle Top maps Burley
1044 Dairy House Farm Breamore
1120 Denny Lodge (NFNP) Denny Lodge
1858 Eling Cemetery Totton & Eling
1080 Elms, The Ringwood
1011 Everton Grange Hordle
1012 Fairfield House Lymington
1053 Fawley A (Cadland House) Fawley
1054 Fawley B Power Station Fawley
1077 Fountain Court Hotel (Bramshaw Hill Lodge) (NFNP) Bramshaw
1074 Goldenhayes (Whitehouse Farm) (NFNP) Ashurst & Colebury
1856 Gore Road Cemetery New Milton
1087 Harrow Lodge (NFNP) Harrow Lodge maps Bransgore
1088 Heathfield House (Heathfield) (NFNP) Heathfield House maps Bransgore
1096 Highcroft, The (NFNP) Highcroft, The maps Burley
1852 Highland Road Cemetery Lymington
1854 Hightown Road Cemetery Ringwood
1089 Hinton Admiral (NFNP) Hinton Admiral maps Bransgore
1086 House in the Wood The (NFNP) Beaulieu
1087 Lepe House Exbury & Lepe
1097 Littlehay (NFNP) Littlehay, maps Burley
1039 Little Testwood House Totton & Eling
1049 Manor Park (NFNP) Minstead
1124 Nether Burgate Fordingbridge
1045 North Charford Manor Farm Breamore
1104 North End Park North End Park maps Ellingham
1098 Old Vicarage The (NFNP) Old Vicarage, The, maps Burley
1112 Packham House Fordingbridge
1021 Pennington House Lymington
1022 Peterson’s Folly (NFNP) Sway
1023 Priestlands School Lymington
1123 Rockbourne Rockbourne
1040 Rushington Park Totton and Eling
1125 Searchfield Breamore
1084 Sopley Park Sopley
1041 South Testwood House Totton and Eling
1855 St Mary’s Cemetery Fordingbridge
1039 Testwood House (Little Testwood House) (NFNP) Totton and Eling
1823 The Old Manor (NFNP) Hythe & Dibden
1802 The Vicarage Milford on Sea
1078 Warren’s Park (NFNP) Bramshaw
1853 White Moor Cemetery (NFNP) Lydhurst

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Portsmouth City Council

HCC Site ID Name Research update
1808 Alexandra Park UPS Survey 2021
1740 Branksmere House Info on file
1734 Bransbury Park UPS Survey 2021
1729 Canoe Lake Gardens (Craneswater Lake/ Minnow Pond) UPS Survey 2021
1812 City Museum Garden (Clarence Barracks) UPS Survey 2021
1731 College Park & Gardens UPS Survey 2021
1735 D-Day Memorial, St Helen’s Parade UPS Survey 2021
1832 Highland Road Cemetery Info on file
1813 Hilsea Lido and Bastion Gardens UPS Survey 2021
1736 Milton Cemetery Info on file
1730 Milton Park UPS Survey 2021
1810 Naval Base and Historic Dockyard UPS Survey 2021
1811 Royal Marines Memorial Garden UPS Survey 2021

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Rushmoor Borough Council

HCC Site ID Name
1285 Aldershot High Street Recreation Ground (UPS 1997)
1286 Aldershot Manor Park (UPS 1997)
1287 Aldershot Park
1288 Cove Brook Linear Park
1742 Farnborough Grange
1295 King George V Playing Fields (UPS 1997)
1296 Manor Lodge
1289 Municipal Gardens (UPS 1997)
1744 Prince Consort’s Army Library (UPS 1997)
1290 Princes Gardens (UPS 1997)
1292 Queen Elizabeth Park (UPS 1997)
1291 Royal Pavilion
1792 Rushmoor Arena
1831 Ship lane Cemetery
1293 St Michael’s Abbey & The Coomb
1294 St Peters School (Farnborough Park)
1743 Sycamores

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South Downs National Park– if maps are noted, click to obtain pdf

HCC Site ID Name Maps Parish
1310 Binstead Place (SDNP) Binsted
1391 Blackmoor Grange (SDNP) Selborne
1329 Buriton House (SDNP) Maps Buriton
1793 Cases House (Chase House) (SDNP) Greatham
1540 Chilland (SDNP) Maps Itchen Valley
1882 Dragon House (SDNP) Petersfield
1911 Elms House (The Elms) (SDNP) Maps Twyford
1401 Elmwood (SDNP) Steep
1355 Empshott Grange (SDNP) Hawkley
1794 Goose Green Park(SDNP) Binsted
1405 Hartley Maudit House & Park (SDNP) Worldham
1677 Heath Lodge (SDNP) Petersfield
1364 Hinton Daubnay (Hinton Manor House) (SDNP) Horndean
1506 Hockley House (SDNP) Maps Cheriton
1583 Hockley House, Hockley Farm) (SDNP) Maps Twyford
1455 Hollybrake (SDNP) Petersfield
1402 Island House (SDNP) Steep
1311 Kings Chantry (SDNP) Binsted
1909 Langton House Maps New Alresford
1955 Linchborough Park (SDNP) Bramshott & Liphook
1956 Little Langleys Steep
1356 Lythanger (SDNP) Hawkley
1336 Manor Farm, Priors Dean (SDNP) Colemore & Priors Dean
1518 Manor, The (SDNP) Maps Droxford
1331 Maple Durham (Mapledurham) (SDNP) Buriton
1546 Martyr Worthy Place (SDNP) Maps Itchen Valley
1384 Monks Lea (Monks Barn, The Platts) Petersfield
1332 Nursted House (SDNP) Buriton
Old Ashford Manor (Ashford House) Steep
1796 Old Close Park (SDNP) Binsted
1830 Ramshill Cemetery (SDNP) Petersfield
1399 Restalls (By the Church) (SDNP) Steep
1958 Slade, The (Slade House) (SDNP) Froxfield
1957 St Catherines Horndean
1398 Stoner House (SDNP) Steep
1523 Studwell Lodge (SDNP) Maps Droxford
1921 Upham House Maps Upham
1555 Weir House, Maps Old Alresford
1341 Westbury House East Meon
1373 Wylds, The (SDNP) Liss

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Southampton City Council

HCC Site ID Name
1686 Aldermoor House
1690 Banister’s Park (Bannister Ct.
1696 Bellevue
1692 Bevois Mount
1700 Bitterne Manor House
1704 Blighmont (Millbrook)
1720 Carrington House ? Check Spear Hall
1699 Chessel House
1685 Freemantle Park
1710 Heathfield House
1693 Highfield House
1688 Hollybrook House
1691 La Sainte Union College of Higher Education (Convent of La Sainte Union des Sacres Coeurs, Archers Lodge)
1713 Lordswood House
1718 Merry Oak
1714 Midanbury Lodge
1697 Peartree House
1698 Peartree Lodge
1705 Portswood Lodge
1719 Queen’s Park
1702 Ridgeway House / Castle
1687 Shirley House
1721 Springhill Court
1865 St Mary’s Extra Cemetery
1701 St Mary’s RC College of Further Education (Bitterne Grove)
1722 Swaythling House
1684 The Common
1708 The Grange
1712 Thornhill Park
1703 Tudor House Garden
1694 Westwood House
1711 Woodlands School
1723 Woodmill
1717 Woolston House

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Test Valley Borough Council – If maps are noted – click to obtain pdf

HCC Site ID Name Maps Rating Parish
1947 Andover Cemetery Andover Cemetery Maps L Andover
1460 Belmont House Belmont House maps L Nursling & Rownhams
1467 Blissamore Hall (Clanville Lodge) – being researched Clanville Lodge maps H Penton Grafton
1423 Bullington Manor Bullington Manor maps L Bullington
1236 Doles House – checking Doles House maps M Hurstbourne Tarrant
1237 Doyley Manor – last map only – being checked Doyley Manor Maps H Hurstbourne Tarrant
1937 Drayton Park (Drayton Lodge) Drayton Manor maps L Barton Stacey
1432 Faccombe Manor being researched Faccombe Manor House maps H Faccombe
1406 Finkley House Finkley House maps M Smannell
1442 Furzedown House Furzedown House maps L Kings Somborne
1457 Garlogs being researched Garlogs maps H Nether Wallop
1428 Hildon House (Rose Hill)being researched Hildon House maps H Broughton
1987 Island House, Greatbridge being researched Island House maps H Romsey Extra
1447 Leckford Abbas (Abbess Grange) Leckford Abbess maps H Leckford
1448 Longparish House being researched Longparish House maps H Longparish
1771 Manor (Manor Farm) Manor, Vernham Manor maps M Vernham Dean
1463 Manor House North Baddesley Manor House maps M North Baddesley
1416 Manor House (Newton Stacey Farm) Manor House, Newton Stacey maps L Barton Stacey
1453 Michelmersh Court being researched Michelmersh Court maps H Michelmersh
1864 Monxton Manor Monxton Manor maps L Monxton
1461 Mount House, The Mount, The maps H Nursling & Rownhams
1433 Netherton House Netherton House maps L Faccombe
1931 Old Lodge Old Lodge, Nether Wallop maps L Nether Wallop
1444 Parnholt Wood see Farley – Winchester L Kings Somborne
1897 Quarley Park Quarry Park maps L Quarley
1768 Romsey Abbey Romsey Abbey maps L Romsey
1850 Romsey Cemetery Romsey Cemetery maps L Romsey
1483 Snoddington Manor Snoddington Manor maps L Shipton Bellinger
1485 Stockbridge New Cemetery Stockbridge New Cemetery maps L Stockbridge
1454 Timsbury Manor being researched Timsbury Manor Maps H Michelmersh
1466 Townsend House Townsend Manor House maps M Over Wallop
1946 Vigo Road Recreation Ground Vigo Road Recreation Ground maps L Andover
1458 Winton House Nursing Home (Wallop House) Winton Nursing Home (Wallop House) maps M Nether Wallop

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Winchester District Council – If maps are noted – click to obtain pdf

HCC Site ID Name Maps Rating Parish
1915 Cathedral Close (The Deanery maps) Deanery maps include C. Close D Winchester
1534 Farley House (Rectory) Maps+info L Hursley
1535 Farley Mount & Beacon Hill Maps L Hursley
1907 Knowle Village (Knowle Hospital) Maps L Wickham
1909 Langton House Maps M New Alresford
1519 Place House Info on file L Compton
1922 Purbrook Heath House Maps M Southwick & Widley
1848 St Giles Hill Cemetery Maps L Winchester
1555 Weir House Maps L Old Alresford

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