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HCC Site ID: 1966 Parish: West End
Designations: Area: c23 acres (9.3 ha) orignally
Access: Historic site Ownership: Multi-ownership

Location and Site

Wilderness Heights lies on an elevated site with fine views, bounded on three sides – by Church Hill (the A27), West End Road and Chalk Hill.

Historic Development

The South Stoneham Tithe map, 1845, shows John Robert Pitter owner of the Wilderness with stables, pleasure ground, three drives and plantation. A leaflet, 1850-89 shows a kitchen garden, many shrubs and trees. The owner at this time was Alfred Jackson who both exhibited and held the local Horticultural Show in his garden. 1883 Sales Details describe romantic dells and rhododendron and holly walk, walled-in kitchen garden and grand shrub-lined approach. Between 1911 and 1922 and until his death in 1939, became the residence of William Jefferies Collins, designer of the Muswell Hill Collins Estate and father of Herbert Collins, designer of the Southampton Collins Estate.

Current Description

During the mid-1980s The Wilderness was developed as an upmarket housing estate, Wilderness Heights.
The only surviving building is the lodge in West End Road. Belts of trees and shrubs remain bordering the three surrounding roads, including several Wellingtonias. However only a few oak, beech or pine trees remain within the estate. (Site visit).


Mid-Victorian house with pleasure ground, plantation and kitchen garden. Once residence of William Collins, builder. Developed mid-1980s into upmarket housing estate.

Partial HGT Research: March, 2012


From the West End Local History Society
Pauline Berry – researcher
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Leaflet showing 19th century estate map
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