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HCC Site ID: 1669 Parish: St Faiths Ward Havant
Designations: Area: c8 ha
Access: Historic site Ownership: House demolished, land developed

Photo:Back of the house – UCWE – Underwater Weapon Establishment Staff 1958 from The Havant Museum

West Leigh is the site of a 19th century private house and estate. Built around 1830, the house faced east and was surrounded by a garden of about three acres containing kitchen garden, lake and other water features and parkland of about 20 acres. It was owner occupied until just before WW2. In 1939 the estate was taken over by the Admiralty, in conjunction with Southleigh house, who owned it until 1950s when part of it was sold as a business site. During this period the kitchen garden disappeared. The house and part of the garden was maintained by Plessey as a business centre until the 1980s when the house was demolished to make way for a business park and housing. Nothing remains of the estate, except a few old trees on the site. The contemporary maps, however, indicate very clearly the conformation of the estate.

HGT Researcher: August 2006

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