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HCC Site ID: 1144 Parish: Hartley Wintney
Designations: CA Area:
Access: Public Access to gardens –
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Ownership: Private residence;
NT Garden open to the public

Historic development

The house was originally built in 1714, and then remodelled by General Hawley in 1750. The 1774 estate map shows a formal landscape laid out with a pond and obelisk in the park, the obelisk still survives. It is understood that Robert Weir Schultz remodelled the front of the house and designed new gardens for the Playfair’s, who owned the house for five years at the turn of the last century. The gardens continued to be developed by Evelyn, Duchess of Wellington, who followed the tenancy of the Playfair’s in 1904, and remained there until her death in 1939. The C18 structure was retained with its brick walls, a series of gardens were made, and statuary was introduced. Yvonne FitzRoy, a friend of the Duchess, gardened with her and remained as a tenant of Sir Victor Sassoon, who had bought the house, and left it to the National Trust in 1957. It did not become the Trust’s property until Yvonne FitzRoy’s death in 1971. Its first tenant was Lord MacAlpine who commissioned Quinlan Terry to design a series of ornamental buildings. These included The Nymphaeum, 1977, a trope d’oeil masking the cowshed; the Monument or Column, 1976; elliptic urns and ornamental gate-piers. Since 1993, the present tenant, Marylyn Abbott, has been carrying out the painstaking task of restoring the gardens. The gardens have been described by Jane Brown as ‘a mixture of fairly neat formality in parterres, wilderness and witty buildings’.


Early 18th century ‘Dutch’ formal landscape linked to West Green Common. House and garden later remodelled by Weir Schultz, and developed by the Duchess of Wellington. Late 20th additions by Quinlan Terry for Lord MacAlpine. The site represents a complex mixture of historic landscape styles by well known designers within an earlier formal parkland landscape.

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