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HCC Site ID: 1581 Parish: Twyford
Designations: House LB II, SDNP Area: Medium
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Charitable school trust

Location and Site

Twyford School is sited on the eastern side of the Winchester to Twyford road just before the entrance to the village from Winchester, which is three miles north. The village lies on chalk at the northern edge of the Hampshire Basin and is within the South Downs National Park.

Historic Development

The original two-storey brick house is early Georgian with an attic and a tiled roof. There is a central brick Doric porch with arched opening. The house was taken over as a private school in 1809. Throughout the 19th century, buildings appropriate for small boarding schools of the time were added. These included a large schoolroom built in the 1820s – still in use as a theatre today – and a charming mid-Victorian chapel.
From 1834 until 1956 the school was owned by the Wickham family, members of which were, more often than not, the Headmaster. There is some exceptional wood-carving in the chapel.
There is a short ha-ha to the front of the original house and a walled garden with a cob wall at the back of some of the Victorian buildings. A mulberry tree stands at the front of the house and there are many fine trees in the extensive grounds, now mainly playing fields. It is thought that when the Turnpike was run through Twyford it cutt off part of Twyford House and this land was incorporated into what is now Twyford School.

Current Description

It is now a charitable trust and the school has boarding co-educational facilities as well as a pre-school department. During the past 20 years, a major programme of building and sports’ field development has been undertaken. New buildings complement the old linked by well-designed courtyard spaces and landscaping. The grounds and walls are being well-maintained and the additional buildings of the later years sit sympathetically with the historic setting.


Early Georgian house, taken over as a private school in 1809. Several additions throughout the 19th century, including a large early-Victorian schoolroom and a charming mid-Victorian chapel. New building sympathatically linked by landscaped courtyards. A ha-ha, walled garden with cob wall and an old mulberry tree have been preserved.

Information: August 2002

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