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HCC Site ID: 1448 Parish: Thruxton
Designations: CA, House LB II Area: c5 ha
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Private

Location and Site

Thruxton Manor House lies in Thruxton village, 8 kms west of Andover.

Historic Development

The manor of Thruxton dates from at least Saxon times and extended over more than 500 acres for hundreds of years. After 1066 it was held by Gozelin de Cormeilles and his descendants for about three centuries. During this time a post-Norman banked and ditched homestead was built, consisting of a square of about 130 yds with projecting mounds at the northern corners and containing a flat terraced space with a well, evidently the site of the original Manor House. There is evidence of several timbers from a late medieval frame structure with some possibly 17th century brickwork but the main house was built in the early 18th century by Sir Frances Popham and extended in the 19th century with 20th century modernizations. There have been many landowners since, including the Trustees of St John’s Hospital, Winchester from the 1840s until 1920 and the Ministry of Defence from 1943 to 1979. The Manor was run as a great farm with many outbuildings, pasture and arable land and woodlands as well as workers’ cottages. By the 19th century a walled garden with an orchard existed within the original ramparts as well as a smaller walled garden and a garden near the house with a lawn and shrubbery. The Sales Particulars of 1937 refer to an Estate of 518 acres and describe herbaceous borders, rose border, rock garden, lily pool, summer-house, pergola etc.

Current Description

In 1979, the Ministry of Defence sold the Manor and it is now in private hands again but only as a house with 12 acres, no longer the great farm. The House, Barn and Manor cottage are listed Grade II and there is a TPO on all the trees including a mature Cedar of Lebanon.


A Manor dating from at least Saxon times which had a banked and ditched homestead built post Norman Conquest, of which there are archaeological remains. The present house dates from the early 18th century, much modernised with gardens near the house and within the ramparts. The ‘great farm’ of over 500 acres is now reduced to the house and 12 acres.

HGT Research: February 2005

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