Old Rectory, The Bedhampton

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HCC Site ID: 1658 Parish: Bedhampton
Designations: CA, House & Coach House LB II Area: 1 ha
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Private

Current description

The Old Rectory presents a dignified and tranquil Georgian facade behind its high old brick wall bordering the narrow Bidbury Lane, facing north, directly opposite St. Thomas’s Church. The wall of the house is composed of yellow bricks, interspersed with the local blue brick. The rear faces south over the fairly small garden and over uncultivated glebe land, with a canalized stream running through the southern boundary of the garden. Over the stream on the western border is an attractive flint bridge. Views, formerly over Langstone Harbour are now obscured by the A3 motorway.
The former coach house with the fan glass window over the door, now used as a garage, may be seen from the road. The house in juxtaposition with the St. Thomas’s Church, is an integral part of Bedhampton.

HGT Research: August 2002

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