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HCC Site ID. 1037 Parish: Netley Marsh
Designations: NFNP Area: n/k
Access: Historic site Ownership: Private

Image: HGT Conservation visit June 2006

Tatchbury Mount house and gardens were situated close to the intersection of road northwards from Beaulieu and Exbury and that from Southampton to Lyndhurst. In former times these were both much more important routes than now. It is an unusual site as it was built in Iron Age times as a major multivallate fort some 140 ft high. It was partially levelled to form the grounds of a country house. It was presumably built for its magnificent view over the surrounding countryside and the Test estuary. It had formal gardens with meandering paths defining areas of mature evergreen shrubs and some trees.

In 1928 it was put up for sale and eventually came into the ownership of the Regional Health Authority. In 1931, it opened it as a Colony for Mental Defectives. The mansion became a secure mental hospital that was used until 1989, and then was abandoned. It was vandalised and was eventually demolished in 2006. A survey of the trees was undertaken.

For more information on the history of the owners of the house and grounds click here.
Information: March 2019

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