Stubbington Recreation Ground (Stubbington House)

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HCC Site ID. 1639 Parish: Stubbington
Designations: Area: 5.32 ha
Access: Public Access Ownership: Fareham Borough Council

Location and Site

Situated in the middle of Stubbington just south of the shopping centre on the site of an old school, Stubbington Recreation Ground is a level rectangular park bounded by roads on the north and east, by a belt of trees in the west and housing to the north. It is about a mile inland from the Solent. The area of 5.32 hectares is mainly grass with some mature trees and newer planting. Old school buildings on the eastern side provide a community centre with a more recently built hall, and the park also contains the town library. Also on the north-east are hard tennis courts and a bowling green.

Historical Development

Originally a square Queen Anne building constructed in 1715 and set in 20 hectares of parkland, Stubbington House became a school in1841 when acquired by William Foster. It was known as the ‘cradle of the navy’ with many well- known alumni having passed through it.
It went through periods of expansion and contraction including the building of a two storey chapel, now part of Crofton Community Centre and in 1905, an assembly hall, now used as a scout hut.
In 1962 death duties and rising costs forced the Foster family to move the school to Ascot and the property was sold to Fareham Borough Council. It stood empty, was vandalised and many buildings demolished. The remainder were leased to Crofton Community Centre. (
Since the 1997 survey the south-east corner has been lost to new housing.

Current Description

The main area of the recreation ground is down to grass, bisected by a new skate park, ball park area and a new (2015) fenced play area for younger children. On the eastern side of the park is the library, a round 1970s building next to two hard tennis courts and a bowling green with club-house. Also on the eastern side are Crofton Community Centre and Hall, a scout hut and a new larger car-park.
Within the grounds and bounding the west and south and the north-east corner are mature trees and some newer planting.
The grass area is used for football and cricket, pitches being marked out as needed.


Originally part of Stubbington House grounds, some of the parkland trees are still visible. A popular venue for local people, the recreation ground has grown with the demands made upon it and remains flexible in its usage.
HGT Research 1997 updated May 2016


Map Ordnance Survey Explorer 1:25 scale 2007

Site visit 27.05.2016

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