Staunton Country Park (Leigh Park) (Historic England)

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HCC Site ID: 1653 Parish: Battins Ward, Havant
Designations: HE II* see below for others Area: 405 ha (1,000 acres)
Access: Public Access – see opening times Ownership: Country Park/Hampshire County Council

Other Designations: Gothick Library, Leigh Park Farmhouse, Barn & Cowshed, Stable cottage, Pathway (to the S of the Stauntonn Memorial, Stable Block, Leigh Park Mansion Terrace, Garden wall, Gatepiers and Grotto, Car shed (adjoining barn on the east side), the Becon, Footbridge – all LB II; The Staunton Memorial LB II*

Click here to visit Historic England site for this location. HE description written: October 1998 Amended: July 2001 Register Inspector: VCH Edited: February 2004

Click here to visit Hampshire County Council’s Country Park website

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Battins Ward, Havant Public Access - see opening times Click for Disclaimer & copyright
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