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HCC Site ID: 1131 Parish: Crookham
Designations: Area: 198 ha
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Independent Private School

Redfields was a late 19th century, beginning of the 20th century small estate, house built on an embankment with further ground levelling to south of the house. Tree planting had been carried out around the walled garden and house, with a small coniferous plantation to the south west of the house. By 1910 there were greenhouses in the walled garden; and additional tracks marked in Redfield Rows.

Current description

St Nicholas Private School has taken over the house and a section of the grounds of the estate, part way into Redfields Rows, where a pathway is marked from the previous walled garden. Redfield Rows is still a woodland area; the paths are no longer indicated. Alterations have been made to the house; the walled garden has been demolished; buildings to the south of the house have been replaced by a larger structure. A new direct entrance drive from Redfields Lane has been constructed; lodge appears to be part of the complex, the area is well wooded.


Redfields, now St Nicholas’ School, was once a late 19th century house and garden in a woodland setting, with lodge, drive, walled garden. It was later modified with the addition of terraces and planting, and vista from the main entrance to Redfield Lane.

HGT Research, October 2000


Maps: 1st, 2nd, 3rd edition 6” maps Hampshire County Council
Victoria County History, Vol IV p5
HRO 32M93/20 Sales of house and land to Charles Sidney Foulsham 1938

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