Somborne Park (Little Somborne House)

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HCC Site ID: 1445 Parish: Kings Somborne
Designations: House LB II Area: 80.9 ha
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Private

Location and Site

Somborne Park, as it is currently known, is located southeast of Stockbridge in an area of gently rolling chalk downland, predominantly arable with few hedges and trees. The habitat rich parkland to Somborne House is on the edge of this area and brings diversity with its grassland and trees. From the east Somborne Park is approached off the old Roman road from Winchester to Salisbury, the present B3049.

Historic Development

The estate was originally held by Bernard Pauncefoot in 1086 and later belonged to the Bohun family until 1396 (VCH Vol 4 pp 480-482).In the 17th century Somborne Park is described in a Commonwealth survey of 1651
as having 351 acres (142ha.). Taylor’s map of 1759 shows a house within a clearly defined boundary and parkland to the north. In 1791 Milne’s map again shows a house with parkland; the church appears sited within it. Greenwood’s map (1826) shows more clearly an access route running the extent of the park from north to south and west of the house as far as the current B3049. Since 1832 the estate has been in the ownership of the Hervey-Bathurst family who for long periods were not resident and the house was tenanted by, amongst others, Guglielmo Marconi in 1911. The 1871 OS map shows a walled kitchen garden with sundial to the north east of the house with a shelter belt of trees to the north. Access to the house is from the east with stabling nearby. South of the house a boundary fence encloses lawn and trees. By 1897 the walled garden appears empty. However in 1910 a well is marked outside the north wall of the kitchen garden and glass frames appear. To the west a sundial stands on the higher ground of the garden. South of the house the boundary is now rectangular and some terracing is marked. A lawn area to the east is separated by terracing from the immediate garden with specimen trees to the west. In 1956 the farmland consisted of 728.3ha.(1800acres) and Somborne Park Farms was put up for sale in 1957. The house remains surrounded by parkland of 80.9ha. (200 acres).

Current Description

Somborne House is described in 1923 as `a plain modern building’ (Kelly’s) and remains largely unchanged as does the parkland. There has been a considerable amount of new tree planting throughout the estate.


The grounds of Somborne House are largely informal parkland with some specimen trees, including yew and beech. There is little evidence of any extensive formal garden at any period although an aerial photograph of 2006 suggests some previous paths.The sundial shown in 1910 survives. The walled kitchen garden no longer survives.

HGT Research: March 2009

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