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HCC Site ID: 1566 Parish: Shedfield
Designations: House LB II Area: Large
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Convalescent Home

Image from Shedfield Lodge website 15/1/19

Location and Site

Shedfield Lodge is set in beautiful surroundings to the north east of Wickham in Shedfield village. The village is in a valley where there are several freshwater springs. The soil is sandy and with the good drainage provides good pasture for keeping sheep and cattle (Shedfield House History).

Historic Development

The lodge was built in the early 1800’s as a Manor house. Captain James George Crabb-Boucher was lucky enough to receive the lodge as a wedding gift from his father. In the mid 19th century the lodge became the property of the Franklyn family who remained the owners through to 1956. Pevsner in his Buildings of England,1963, described the Lodge as ‘a plain, solid three-storeyed early Victorian yellow-brick house’. The first, and second editions OS maps (1891-97) show an approach drive, small parkland, possibly walled kitchen garden, orchard, lawns, paths, pond, belt of trees to the north west of the property screening Shidfield House from the Lodge, and fields to the north east. The name was changed to Shedfield Lodge during the later part of the C19. Glasshouses had been constructed in the kitchen garden by the 3rd edition OS map 6″ (1910). In the surveyor’s valuation book of the 1920s, the grounds included Glass House, summerhouse, tennis court, five gardens and lawns. It was noted that the advantage of the house for rating purposes was the good grounds and lawns.
The Franklyns offered the lodge to the Canadian army during WWII as a base. You can still read names and dates written by Canadian soldiers on the walls of the cellar, including the odd saucy hand drawn picture!
During the 1960’s and 70’s Shedfield Lodge was used as both a nursing home and a children’s home helping local children with mental disabilities. In 1980 the Jones and Proctor families began to lease the property which led to the establishment of Shedfield Lodge Residential Care Home. It was in 2002 that the Geach family became the current proprietors of Shedfield Lodge, continuing the family run business in Shedfield.

Current Description

Still a Convalescent House, the lawn to the south and remnants of the parkland remain; parts of grounds divided into separate ownership. It would appear that the grounds, to the east of the approach drive, were divided into at least three separate plots. The pond is now part of another property.


Early to mid Victorian villa set in a small park. House now a Convalescent Home or Care Home. Part of the grounds divided into separate properties, lawn to the south of the house and remnants of the parkland remain.

HGT Research:, September 2002, update May 2003

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