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Farnborough Hill School,  August 2009

Rushmoor Borough Council is not parished.


 EH Grade: link to English Heritage’s list of Registered Historic Parks and Gardens.


Urban Parks Study 1997 (UPS 1997)  was prepared for Hampshire County County by Land Use Consultants.  HGT Researchers contributed to the historic content of the survey.

  Site Name 1285 Aldershot High Street Recreation Ground (UPS 1997)
1286 Aldershot Manor Park (UPS 1997)
1846 ALDERSHOT MILITARY CEMETERY (EH Grade II*) 1287 Aldershot Park 1288 Cove Brook Linear Park 1742 Farnborough Grange 1741 Farnborough Hill School 1295 King George V Playing Fields (UPS 1997)
1296 Manor Lodge 1289 Municipal Gardens (UPS 1997)
1744 Prince Consort’s Army Library (UPS 1997)
1290 Princes Gardens (UPS 1997)
1292 Queen Elizabeth Park (UPS 1997)
1291 Royal Pavilion 1792 Rushmoor Arena 1831 Ship lane Cemetery 1293 St Michael’s Abbey & The Coomb 1294 St Peters School (Farnborough Park) 1743 Sycamores 1862 Wellington Monument & setting

Parks ineligible for the Urban Park Study:

     Aldershot Park

     Beaumont Gardens

     Rectory Road Recreation Ground

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