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HCC Site ID: 1026 Parish: Brockenhurst
Designations: NFNP Area: c3 ha
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Private

Location and site

Roydon Manor is situated on a rise, which slopes down to the Lymington River in an easterly direction. Beyond the river, the pasture and woodland appear to be now owned and managed by Hampshire Wildlife Trust. Setley and Roydon Common are to the west. The main drive from the south has been blocked off, and the main entrance is now from the north west lodge. Brockenhurst Park is to the north. A tree lined path, or driveway, once connected the two properties.

Historic development

Roydon Manor is a late 17th century house built by Gresham Hussey from bricks made at the local brickworks on the property. It’s name is derived from ‘Roi Donne’ ( a gift from the King). In 1240, Henry III gave the then Grange to the white monks at Netley, in memory of his former tutor, Peter des Roches, who was the original sponsor of the Cistercian settlement. It was approximately 40 years after the dissolution of the monasteries that the Manor was granted to Roger (or Richard) Manners, 3rd son of Thomas Duke of Rutland. The Knapton family and various other owners were in possession of the manor between this time and 1771, when Edward Morant bought it. It became part of the larger estate of the Morants, which included the main residence at Brockenhurst Park, and Heywood. On the 1849 tithe awards, the property was referred to as ‘Royden Farm House, buildings, yard and garden’. There was an orchard near the house. When Brockenhurst Park was demolished in 1958, a descendent of the Morants renovated Roydon Manor and took up residence in the early 1960s.

Current description

Various artifacts that adorn the garden all came from Brokenhurst Park. A Magnolia grandiflora, a banana tree on the southern wall, and the orchard in the walled garden, were planted since 1960. All that remains in the garden prior to 1960 is a yew, pine and an old pear tree. The remaining oaks of the avenue leading to Brockenhurst Park are believed to be much earlier and led to a carp pond in the woodland to the north of the house. The brick works were probably closed in the 1920s.


Roydon Manor is the site of a Cistercian settlement attached to Netley, known as the Grange in the 13th century. The Manor was built by Graham Hussey in the late 17th century, and became the ‘Home Farm’ of the Brockenhurst estate in the late 18th century which was owned by the Morants. When the house at Brockenhurst was demolished in 1958, the property was renovated by the family and various artifacts from the garden at Brockenhurst were transferred to Roydon.

Information: November 1999

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