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HCC Site ID. 1755 Parish: Gosport
Designations: CA, SINC Area: 25.4 ha
Access: Public Access Ownership: Gosport Borough Council

Image from 1997 Urban Parks Survey – a small wooded section to park, containing ash, oak, sycamore and hazel, plus good ground flora

Rowner Walk is a linear walk in the Rowner area of Gosport running from the north of Rowner Lane to south west of it. It is surrounded on all sides with extensive areas of 1930s-60s housing much of which has a poor boundary definition with the site. Immediately to the south is a school which it is assumed uses the sports facilities within the park. The area containing the cricket pitch provides an almost ‘village green’ feel to that section of the park. The southern section lies in a Conservation area.

In 1996-7, in the north section of the park there are approximately 60 large oaks from the former estate parkland that were in good condition but there was no regeneration. Along the path to the south-west section of park, there were groups of willows which were in good condition. The woodland section to the centre of the park consisted of oak, ash, sycamore and hazel with good understorey that were in average condition. The central area of the park was used for cricket, football and bowls and contained toilets and changing facilities. Elsewhere the park was used as an access through and for walking and dog walking with the extensive road network around allowing people to visit by.


Rowner Walk is an important recreational facility for local residents in a heavily built up area.

Information: HCC Urban Parks Survey 1997

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