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HCC Site ID: 1926 Parish: Bevois Ward, Southampton
Designations: Area: 0.2 ha
Access: Public Access Ownership: Southampton City Council

Location and Site

Rockstone Place Park lies close to the A33 at the most southern end of The Avenue, which leads into Southampton city centre. The park occupies a narrow strip of land bordering Rockstone Place, between a row of houses to the north and the new Magistrates Court to the south.

Historic Development

Pre 1830s the land was part of a farm on the outskirts of Southampton. It was included in a parcel of land bought by Edward Toomer in 1823-4, on which, during the 1830s and 40s, he built four blocks of houses. The street was given the name Rockstone Place. The half acre (0.2 ha) opposite the houses and backing on to the already developed Carlton Crescent, was too narrow for a house and was left as an amenity for the residents of Rockstone Place; it was laid out as a small pleasure garden with railings. In 1879, the sisters Jane Wills and the Misses Margaret and Rebecca Toomer, the surviving heirs of Edward Toomer, gifted the garden to Southampton Borough Council to be kept as an open area in perpetuity.
Adjacent to the garden is the former site of the Ordnance Survey offices and during World War II the ground was turned into air raid shelters for the O S staff, and the railings removed for scrap. Post war the garden was neglected and became overgrown until, in 1967, the Corporation was pressed to provide more off street car parking, and the garden was cleared and tarred over to become a park for 60 cars. When in 1969 the OS offices moved to Maybush there were plans to develop the vacated ground owned by the government for Magistrates Courts, Crown Courts and a Police HQ, but action was very slow and the garden continued to be used as a car park. In 1979, the Southampton Commons and Parks Protection Society (SCAPPS) committee made a presentment to the Southampton Court Leet about the misuse of the garden as a car park, failure to take steps to rectify the situation, and for encouraging attempts at circumnavigating the restrictive covenant instead of seeking ways of honouring its obligations. After a prolonged campaign, which included a second presentment in 1983 and the subsequent intervention of the Local Ombudsman, the Council was forced to act. It was also necessary to convince the County Council’s architect that it was not possible to establish a right of way through the park to the new Magistrates Court and to agree to infill a breach in the south wall and rebuild the east wall. At last in 1991, Rockstone Place Park was reinstated and the residents and other citizens have again been able to enjoy the small park.

Current Description

Rockstone Place is a quiet well-maintained small town park, overlooked by the modern Magistrates Court along its southern side. It is walled on the south and east boundaries, with railings on the rest dividing it from the road. As well as a number of mature trees, there are recently-planted trees, as well as borders of shrubs and herbaceous plants, grass and paved areas and seating.


Rockstone Place is a small town park, walled on the south and east boundaries, railings on the rest dividing it from the road. It was originally laid out in the mid 19th century with trees and plants. Reinstated by Southampton City council in 1991 with additional trees, borders of shrubs and herbaceous plants, grass and paved areas.

HGT Research: Summer 2004, updated March 2013


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