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HCC Site ID: 1584 Parish: Twyford
Designations: SDNP Area: Small
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Abbeyfield Care Home

Location and Site

Orchard Close is situated in Bourne Lane, Twyford (Hants) village. The village is approximately three miles south of Winchester on the river terrace of the Itchen.

Historic Development

Built in 1911 on three acres of land given by Mr Wickham, owner of Twyford School, to an aunt, Orchard House was built in modern style and without attics, cellars or high Victorian ceilings. Originally three gabled, two further gables were added in the 1920s by the subsequent owners. The gardens were extensively landscaped in Arts and Crafts style with lawns, an orchard and large kitchen garden area, a shrubbery and on the northern boundary a wooded area with a perimeter of Cupressus macrocarpus and a path. A small, green-painted summerhouse was sited near the wooded area and there were fine trees, including a Norwegian Ash and beech trees. The paths surrounding the house were brick herringbone design, with steps down to a tennis court. Surrounded by yew hedges was a ‘secret’ garden with flowerbeds and a low brick wall. To the east of the house, leading to the orchard, there was a long, deep flowerbed. To the west there was a greenhouse. There was a chauffeur’s cottage and garage, later sold and developed.

Current Description

Aerial view c1965

Aerial view c1965

The house became a residence for elderly people when bought in 1959 and today, Orchard House is an Abbeyfield Home. The layout of the grounds which remain appear to be much as they were in earlier times. The herringbone brick paths have been renewed but many fruit trees have disappeared and the large, kitchen garden area has been grassed over. The ‘secret garden’ remains, as do the shrubbery and wooded area although the latter two are rather overgrown.
The tennis flowerbed is smaller than it was. The original summerhouse fell into disrepair but was replaced by another wooden one on the same site. An interesting feature of the interior of the house is an Arts and Crafts fireplace of brick and carved wood with a high, heavy wooden over mantel and two small wooden openings in the brick face of the surround.
A new building in the early 21st century reduced the grounds slightly but the garden iwas maintained in good shape.

In 2020, it was decided to close the Abbeyfield home and it is not as yet known what will happen to the site.


Built 1911, Orchard Close had extensive landscaped gardens in the Arts and Crafts style including herringbone brick paths and a secret garden surrounded by yew hedges. Became the Abbeyfield Home; early 21st C a new building slightly reduced the grounds. The Home is to close in 2020.

Information: August 2002 brief update 2008 and 2020

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