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HCC Site ID: 1952 Parish: Odiham
Designations: SAM, SINC, SSSI Area: ha
Access: Public Access to part Ownership: Odiham Parish Council

In Hampshire, Odiham Park is a rare example of an ancient former royal deer park dating from around the 11th century. Its distinctive oval shape with kinks to the north, south, east and west, denoting former gates, is clearly distinguishable on large scale maps, aerial photographs and Google Earth. Parts of the park pale remain on the eastern side at Colt Hill and Poland Lane and are noted on the Historic Environment Record 28838. Vestiges of former fishponds still remain on the southern part of the north-easterly flowing River Whitewater. Odiham Castle was built in the early 13th century with a view of the park and it is likely that Henry III’s sister, Eleanor, Countess of Pembroke’s garden was created within the deer park in 1236/37. Various medieval Kings and Queens stayed at the Castle. The Park still remains the setting for the Castle. Lodge Farm was built within the deer park and adjacent to the site of a Roman villa (HER 28445). It is a well-documented rare survival of a medieval royal park ‘loge’ rebuilt in 1368/9. The southern boundary of the park has helped contain the expansion of the attractive historic village of Odiham in a northerly direction. The development of the Park and the changes within in it are well-documented.

Although a large number of deer parks were created in the County during the medieval period, few are as well documented as Odiham or have such distinctive features as a setting for a renowned medieval castle; and within its bounds a royal park lodge and remnants of fishponds.
Information: January 2012

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Millard, Sheila, 2010 Odiham’s Royal Deer Park, published by The Odiham Society

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