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HCC Site ID: 1905 Parish: Kings Worthy
Designations: CA Area: Small
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Private

Image:HRO 44M70/E46/15

Location and Site

Northleigh is situated on Worthy Lane, from Winchester to Kings Worthy. One of a series of 19th century villas in Kings Worthy. The village is approximately two miles north of Winchester, bounded by the railway on the west and the A33 and River Itchen to the east. The land is gently undulating.

Historic Development

The house was purchased in 1853 by John Griffith and his wife, Hannah, from Charles and Charlotte Benny. The purchase was subject to a ground rent of two shillings pa to the heirs of Sir Chaloner Ogle of Worthy Park. John Griffith died in 1865 leaving his widow to live there. The Sales Details of 1934 speak of a shady lawn with flower beds south of the house, a flight of steps giving onto a charming rose parterre and a formal garden with lily pond enclosed by yew hedges. There were two tennis courts in a delightful setting with flower borders, specimen trees and thatched summer house with verandah, fruit and vegetable gardens, heated glass houses, In all 2 ¾ acres.
The Worthys Local History Society was given detailed plans of the garden layout complete with planting schemes as remembered by one of the gardeners in the 1920s. It was obviously a gardener’s garden.

Current Description

The gardens have retained their Victorian feel with lawns, flower borders and fruit trees.


A 19th century gentleman’s residence with formal gardens and attractive flower borders.

Information: The Worthys Local History Group 2004

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