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HCC Site ID: 1016 Parish: Brockenhurst
Designations: House LB II, SINC NFNP Area:
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Ancient deer park and hunting lodge, in 1484 given by King (Richard III?) into the custody of John Hoton of Huton. A survey of 1615 describes 416 acres and 498 trees, 270 beech and oak earmarked for the Navy’s use. Existing house built in 1660-72 and the estate was enlarged in 1672 to provide for a herd of red deer imported from France by Charles II who used it as a hunting lodge. New Park is mentioned in the writings of William Gilpin (1791) and William Cobbett (1830).
The house became a hotel about 1960 and a large extension added in the 1980s.
Since 1955 the New Forest Agricultural Show has been held each year in fields surrounding the hotel.

HGT Research; August 1999

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