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HCC Site ID: 1103 Parish: Ellingham, Harbridge and Ibsley
Designations: House LB II, NFNP Area:
Access: Access to School Ownership: Moyles Court School

Location and Site

Moyles Court lies on the western edge of the New Forest at Ellingham in an area which has associations dating back to Cola the huntsman in Edward the Confessor’s reign. Predominantly woodland scenery, with Rockford Common and Docken Water to the east and south.

Historic Development

Moyles Court was built in the 17th-century by John Lisle ‘the regicide’ at a time of his affluence while holding high office under Cromwell. It is thought to have replaced a Tudor house on the same site built by an ancestor of his wife, Alice. After the Restoration the couple fled to the continent but John was assassinated there in 1664 and Alice returned to live at Moyles Court for many years until she was accused of non-conformist sympathies and cruelly condemned to death by the notorious Judge Jeffrys and publicly hanged at Winchester in 1685. The property remained in possession of the Lisle family until around 1820 when about that time, the estate, including a farm and other buildings was sold to Lord Normanton of neighbouring Somerley. The OS 2″ drawing, 1807, shows a fir plantation and an avenue of trees to the north and evidence of formal garden at the front of the house to the east, facing open parkland, similar features to those shown on the 25” OS 1867 map. The house gradually deteriorated but was restored by a tenant, Henry Fane in the 1870’s. The 1909 OS 25” map shows increased garden features including ponds, an orchard and enclosed kitchen gardens with glass houses to the south of the house. At that time there was a parterre and fountain in front of the house. The estate included a farm and other dwellings. It continued as a country residence until the 1940’s when it became the station HQ for the adjoining wartime Ibbsley Airfield. Post-war it began a new life as a school.
The rather severe 17th century red brick house has two storeys and attic and was built in the style of architecture reminiscent of that of John Webb. It has outstandingly beautiful woodland views to the south-east across the lively little Docken Water.

Current description

Molyles Court became a school in … and school buildings have been added in the grounds which are now mainly lawn. In the front of the house there is the parterre behind a brick ha ha overlooking pasture, formerly the park. Part of the kitchen garden is now a playing field. Fir walk to the north as seen on the OSD 1807 map remains. The house, stableblock, ha ha and a 17th century garden wall are all Grade II listed.


17th century Grade II listed mansion built on the site of an earlier Tudor house. Historically important as the home of ‘the regicide’ John Lisle and his wife Dame Alice who was tragically executed by order of Judge Jeffreys in 1685. It is situated in an area of great natural beauty, with views of a stream and of woodland rising to the south and east. It is now a school. The 17th century stableblock, garden wall and ha ha remain.

Information:  December 2000

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