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HCC Site ID: 1066 Parish: Hythe and Dibden
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Access: Historic site Ownership: Multiple Private

Location and Site

Mount House was a pre-Victorian house and garden overlooking Southampton Water on the edge of mud flats to the north of West Street. It is now a housing estate near to the Marina with one of the roads off West Street called Mount House Close.

Historic Development

A house was built in an open field in the early 19th century in an area which was at that time nearer the shoreline than now. (GP)
Some time between 1813 and 1842, more garden was added and a new house built (Personal communication GP).
The tithe map and apportionment of 1842 show a plantation, the Mount House Pleasure Ground, and Mount House fields (21M65/F7/601/02 HRO). Robert Stratton of Dibden Lodge is named, as is Lavinia Martin.
The 1st ed OS map, 1870 (HCC), shows a house set back from the shoreline with a drive bordered with deciduous and evergreen planting, off West Lane. Kelly’s Directory, 1911, names Mrs West as resident of Mount House.
The Dibden Tithe apportionment, 1927, records Mrs E West paying the tithe (51M76/P/1/4 HRO)
The 4th ed OS map, 1932, (HCC) shows the house with a conservatory attached on the west side and a greenhouse near part of the entrance drive. There are further outhouses on the West Lane boundary of the grounds. There is a site plan of 1949 which refers also to the proximity of various public houses
The house was demolished in 1960 (GP). (Q20/584 HRO).
The OS map around 1980 (HCC) shows a housing estate where the house and gardens used to stand.

Current Description

A site visit in 2000, showed that where the old shore line ran there is now a drainage channel with a path beside it. Beyond are the mud flats which were filled in in the 1950s and Hythe Marina subsequently built on them. A footpath still runs down what was the west side of Mount House grounds. The previous mudflats to the west of the marina in front of the grounds of Westcliff Hall now consist of scrubland, a path with mown side and a minimal landscaping, providing a walking area looking out to the new shore line of Southampton Water.


A pre-Victorian villa in Hythe overlooking Southampton Water on the edge of mud flats; demolished in 1960 and now a housing estate. The shoreline was substantially changed in the 20th century.

Information: 2001


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HCC Hampshire County Council
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