Martyr Worthy Manor (The Priory)

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HCC Site ID: 1544 Parish: Itchen Valley
Designations: SDNP, CA, SMR Area: 1.6 ha
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Private

Location and Site

Martyr Worthy Manor is sited on a corner plot adjacent to Martyr Worthy Minor church and churchyard, facing the Worthys road from Winchester.  Martyr Worthy hamlet is about three and half miles north east of Winchester on rising land above the River Itchen.

Historic Development

The Queen Anne house, about 1790 was the combined rectory, manor house, known as a ‘squireson’. Two wings were added during the 19th century. The Tithe map, 1841, identifies the Rectory belonging to Sir Henry Rivers, rector. It shows a series of drives leading to the house from the north east corner passing by outhouses ranged round a courtyard. There is a large open area to the west of the house which is surrounded by belts of trees, named as a wood in the tithe apportionment. The third edition 25” 1909 identifies paths leading to a long kitchen garden or orchard area in the north west. An opening in the hedge leads through from the rectory to the church and the open area now has more trees planted.

Current Description

Old walls and specimen trees remain as well as some of the paths and the entrance drive but the extensive gardens are mainly of 20th century creation consisting of lawns, herbaceous borders, spring bulb-planted grass areas, yew hedges, swimming pool and tennis court. The 12th century church, which forms a backdrop to the house, can still be reached through the opening in the hedge though the house is no longer a rectory.


Late 18th century house once the rectory; old walls and specimen trees in a 20th century garden with lawns, spring-planting and herbaceous borders.

Information: April 2003

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