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HCC Site ID: 1644 Parish: Chandlers Ford
Designations: None Area: 0.8 ha
Access: Public Access Ownership: Eastleigh Borough Council

Location and Site

Looking east towards residential housing January 2019

The Marion Kennedy Open Space is roughly in triangular shape with Beech Road on its northern perimeter, Forest Road on the east and Pine Road on one third of the north west with garden fences and hedges comprising the rest. The ground is uneven with sloping built embankments to the pavements on Beech and Pine Roads. Near the right angled bend on Pine Road there are 2 manhole covers and a partly exposed drainage pipe that is buried across most of the grassed area, roughly following the line of the unmade path. The underlying soil is probably clay as the area around was once a brick working area.

Historic Development

The 1st edition 6” OS map notes the area as part of Hiltingbury Common and the land is marked as marshy with a small stream on its eastern boundary. By the 1940s the space is delineated with Beech Road and Pine Road shown. With the construction of Forest Road the stream appears to have been diverted underground. This piece of land was given by Marion Elizabeth Kennedy in 1958, who lived at St Giles Cottage in Beech Road and was one of the founders of the local W.I. A small memorial plaque adjacent to Forest Road reads This open space was dedicated to the public in memory of Marion Elizabeth Kennedy, 1958.

Current Description

The Open Space is a grassed area with a significant number of trees that include: a few mature oaks, a mature beech, ash, sycamore and birch with small copses of holly, birch and hazel on the southern part. It is used by dog walkers and other walkers. Since the last survey a few of the older oak trees have been cut down, leaving stumps, and the rhododendron has been cleared. The path from Forest Road across the grass to Pine Road is not as well marked as in the previous survey and mainly follows the route of a drainage pipe. Maintenance had been carried out fairly recently, as a number of small tree growths have been cut back. This has given the area a more open aspect, particularly noticeable in winter. The two tarmac paths adjacent to Forest Road and Pine Road are in reasonable condition, although the ash tree roots near the junction of Pine and Beech Roads are lifting the pavement. The manhole covers and drainage pipe are unsightly near the right hand bend of Pine Road. The memorial could do with a facelift.

Summary & Significance

A well-used welcoming tree canopied open space within a residential area that was given by a local resident in 1958, helps give a rural feel to the area.

HGT Eastleigh Urban Park Survey June 2019

Maps Hampshire County Council
Barbara Hillier & Gerald Ponting 2005 The Chandler’s Ford Story from earliest time to the 21st century p 86

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