Manor Farm Country Park (Upper Hamble Country Park)

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HCC Site ID: 1762 Parish: Botley
Designations: SSSI, SINC, European nature conservation site,
TPOs, proposed nature reserve Open space
Area: 161.32 ha (400acres)
Access: Public Access check opening times Ownership: Hampshire County Council

Location and site

161 ha of farm and woodland on the banks of the River Hamble at Botley.

Historic development

The Park was created on the site of the former Royal Navy shore establishment named HMS Cricket. Decommissioned in 1946, the buildings left behind were used to house Southampton citizens displaced after WWII and known as Cricket Camp until 1952 when the camp was no longer needed and the wartime buildings were demolished. Initially known as Upper Hamble Country Park, the park with 400 acres was first opened in 1979. A Wartime Museum was opened in 1984. Once in the heart of Botley village, there is still a duckpond which is named in Domesday.

Current description

A very popular country park, well-used and featured in 2012 in the BBC programme The Wartime Farm.


A country park created on a former Royal Navy shore establishment, HMS Cricket, decommissioned in 1946. Countryside open space, river corridor, proposed nature reserve, European nature conservation site.

Information: 2012

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