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HCC Site ID: 1662 Parish: Stakes Ward, Havant
Designations: TPO Area:
Access: Historic site remnants of parkland remain Ownership: Multiple Private

Image: Site of ha-ha and Lodge

Location and site

The Lodge is encircled by residential development and two roads: Frendstaple and Springwood, which are situated to the west of junction 3 of the A3 London Road. Immediately to the west of The Lodge is Stakes Hill Open Space that includes remnants of the former estate. There is a play area, a mixture of woodland and ornamental shrubs. The estate was originally situated on the eastern side of the Forest of Bere. The house is now divided into apartments.

Historic development

Stakes Hill Cottage, originally the Verderers Cottage and East Lodge of the Forest of Bere was bought by John Spice Hulbert before he built Stakes Hill Lodge in the early 1800s, at the time of the enclosures. The estate was enlarged by the purchase of Stakes Hill Coppice. Over the next fifty years the estate was developed. Timber was planted, adding to the already extensive woodland area, glass houses were erected in the garden for peaches, plums, grapes and melons. A walled kitchen garden and an orchard were added. The drive and carriage sweep had been planted with coniferous trees, probably monkey puzzle trees, in fashion at the time. Later, G.A, Hulbert besides increasing the size and value of the estate, built Hulbert Road at his own cost, aware that it could well bring development to the area. The house was enlarged at this time. The estate was about 161ha (c400 acres).
Between 1939 and 1945 timber was extensively felled and an army unit occupied the woodland. Much of the woodland was restored after the war, but local development increased greatly, some of the farmland being purchased for development in 1946. In 1969 woodlands were re-afforested retaining, among other trees, copper beech and cherry standards.
In 1972 the estate was purchased compulsorily by the Urban District Council of Havant and Waterlooville for £5,600,000.
Later, the house was burned down. Today a housing estate stands upon the site, with a few trees and woodland clumps with pathways leading through them, the remains of Stakes Hill estate. The entire area is built over.

Current description

The housing estate occupying the site of Stakes Hill Lodge, is a pleasant, well planned estate, occupied by c3000 people in owner occupied/social housing. Practically nothing remains of the extensive woodlands of the former estate. Some trees remain, notably a Tulip tree, a yew arbour and clumps of woodland. There are open spaces, pathways through the woodland clumps, a wall at the site of the former haha, a well-kept playground, a social hall and doctors’ surgery.


The Lodge, was originally Stakes Hill Cottage situated at the eastern side of the Forest of Bere, that was extended. The adjacent Coppice was purchased and incorporated into the early to mid-19th century park and garden.  In 1972 the estate was compulsorily purchased for a housing estate. Remnants of the former estate remain.

HGT Research: January 2001

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