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HCC Site ID: 1835 Parish: Horndean
Designations: Area:
Access: Historic site – housing development Ownership: Multiple

Location and site

The site of Letcombe Place, formerly Letcombe House, lies to the north of Rowlands Castle Road, south-east of Blendworth Lodge and to the east of the village of Horndean.  It is within ‘the Downland  Mosaic landscape’ that comprises an area of chalk downland which extends further westwards (SDNP LCA online).  It is just south of the South Downs National Park.

Historic Developmen

In the late 18th century, Letcombe House, known as Green Hook, was a private residence with its own grounds.  In 1873, Sir William Wellesley Knighton of Blendworth Lodge bought the property, demolished the house and built a laundry and stables for the Lodge.  In the 1930s, the site was sold and eventually became a small industrial site and depot.  The last owners were the Wessex Plant Hire Co. who sold the land for development.  In 2004, planning applications were received to build 31, 35 or 38 dwellings.  The planning application was eventually approved to build 30 dwellings with a playground on the site of 39 Rowlands Castle Road, a piece of land within the original site that had been sold in the 1970s (EH Planning 2012 online).

Current Description

In 2012, Letcombe Place is a quiet cul-de-sac off Rowland’s Castle Road with a mix of 30 modern detached and semi-detached houses bounded by fields to the north and east.  There are no visible remains of Letcombe House.  A flint and brick wall, and sycamore and ash trees remain on the western boundary.


Letcombe Place is the site of Green Hook, a late 18th century house and grounds.  The house was demolished to make way for a laundry and stabling in the mid-late 19th century for Blendworth Lodge.  The site became a business depot in the 1970s and at the beginning of the 21st century the land has become residential housing.
HGT Research: 2000 update 2012


Electronic Sources
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