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HCC Site ID: 1376 Parish: Newton Valence
Designations: SDNP, House LB II Area:
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Private

Location and site

Kitcombe House lies 5 km. (3 miles) south of Alton in the parish of Newton Valence with the village of Farringdon less than I km. (half a mile) away.  The house is situated on the east side of the A32 with a northern boundary along Kitcombe Lane and an eastern boundary formed by Kitcombe Wood. To the south  Mary Lane forms the boundary between the house and Pelham Park.  It is within the South Downs National Park.

Historic development

Kitcombe House was built in the eighteenth century and extended in the early 19th century (Hampshire Treasures p230).  It was built by the Dumaresq family as part of their estate, Pelham Place.  It is a listed building Grade 11 (AHBR). The house stood on the south side of a short drive with gardens immediately behind it.   South of these was an orchard in a long rectangle to the south with an enclosed garden in its north-east corner which could well have been a kitchen garden (O.S. 1st ed. 25” 1887).  In 1881 and again in 1884 Francis Lempriere, the owner, leased out the house and land for 21 years (HRO 4M52/302 &303).   In 1926 the then owner George Beresford Lempriere sold Pelham Place and moved with his family into Kitcombe House.  He later sold it and moved away. (Parry 2005, 100).
By 1985 the drive had been widened and remodelled to give more space for motorised vehicles to drive and park (Mastermap 2008), but the shape of the 19th century gardens remained remarkably unchanged. In 1985 the gardens are described as having lawns, rose borders, shrubs and specimen trees.

Current description

The house still remains as a private dwelling which is very well maintained (AHBR). The old garden outlines are still evident with a wooded area where the orchard had been. Trees that were planted just over a century ago now provide an effective screen along the A32 road and form a thick belt along one side of the drive (UK aerial digital imagery 2006).    A swimming pool had been added (HRO 118AO34).   A new cottage, named Lilac Cottage, has appeared with outbuildings on the northern boundary (O.S. map Mastermap 2008).  While the present garden is now reduced, aerial views reveal the earlier shape. The adjoining field shapes have changed, creating small pastures around the house. (O.S. map Colour Raster 2008).


A Georgian house, originally within the park of Pelham Place, with traditional nineteenth century garden features of pleasure grounds, kitchen garden and orchard. Still in single ownership, with reduced gardens; aerial views reveal the shape of the 19th  century gardens.
Information:  December 2010


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