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HCC Site ID: 1020 Parish: Kings Worthy
Designations: Area: Medium
Access: Historic site Ownership: Unclear, likely to be Private

Kingsworthy House grounds, 2003

Location and Site

Access to Kings Worthy House is now difficult as the site is locked between the A33 at Kings Worthy, adjacent to a small recreation ground and houses in Hinton Fields. It is approximately one to two miles north east of Winchester.

Historic Development

The 1st edition 25” OS map, 1869, shows formal gardens round the house, a walled garden adjacent to it, as well as woodland areas. It is called Kingsworthy Lodge. There are boundary walls with Morton House and Hinton House. There is a track from what is now the A33 which would appear to be the entrance drive. By the 2nd ed 189os, the track has become a drive. Part of the garden to the north-west of the house has been taken over by Morton House and there is a long glasshouse along the dividing wall. It seems that part of the land to the east belongs to Kingsworthy House, while half belongs to Hinton House, to the north. the walled garden has been reduced to half its size. Few trees are now shown but could be because the 2nd edition OS maps were not as detailed as the 1st. A meeting house is shown at the end of the entrance drive. By the 3rd edition, 1909, a lodge is also named at the end of the drive but as there is no building shown by the words, it may be that the meeting house was also the lodge. With the land to the south (to the A33) and west (to the entrance drive of Hinton House) the grounds have become quite substantial.

Current Description

Kings Worthy House was demolished in the 20th century though the unmanaged grounds remain; it is unclear who owns the site, although at one time it was a development company reputedly in Jersey. A walk round reveals that the grounds are densely overgrown with weeds and many large saplings. There are however mature trees which have a Tree Preservation Order on them and, interestingly, a large number of unruly box, obviously part of the earlier garden planting which can be accessed through a remaining gate in the boundary wall from the old Morton House which lies behind one of the houses in Hinton Fields. At one point in this area the remains of a circular step up to what were greenhouses (those mentioned above), can be seen. If you look carefully you can also see the circular drive arriving from the entrance drive, which is now completely overgrown. Vestiges of the gates still stand near the Coach and Horses and a photograph taken in 1907 shows the gates and the lodge to the main house.


Mid-19th century villa and small park; house demolished, grounds with some mature trees are unmanaged.

Information: February 2003 updated 2012

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