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HCC Site ID: 1820 Parish: Kings Worthy
Designations: CA Area: Small
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Private Offices

Location and Site

Kings Worthy Court is set back slightly on Worthy Lane, Kings Worthy, almost opposite the church.  The village is approximately two miles north east of Winchester.

Historic Development

Kings Worthy Court was built in the late 18th century and in the early 19th century was the home of Mr Bailey, a large-scale farmer whose family also owned Woodhams Farm. In the early 20th century, the owner remodelled the façade with rounded bay windows. Colonel and Mrs Edwards bought it in 1932 and renovated it just before World War II, when it was requisitioned by the Fire Brigade. The Edwards moved back in after the war and lived in the house until 1955. Since 1972, the house has been owned by commercial companies and a substantial extension was built to the side. Some of the outbuildings were sold off and the rear gardens used for car parking.

Current Description

The house continues to be used for office accommodation, the front is an open garden area and the old perimeter walls are still standing.


House late 18th century; remodelled early 20th century; perimeter walls survive. Since 1972 used as offices.

Information: February 2003

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