Fleet End King George V Playing Field

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HCC Site ID: 1625 Parish: Locks Heath
Designations: None Area: 0.4 ha
Access: Public Access Ownership: Fareham Borough Council

Location and Site

The park of 0.4ha is situated to the west of Fareham in the residential area of Locks Heath, opposite Locks Heath Junior School.

Historic Development

The land was acquired by Miss Stern, headmistress of Locks Heath County Primary School in 1932-34 as a playing field for the school. In 1936 it became one of 471 playing fields that were set up by the then Lord Major of London, Sir Percy Vincent, as a memorial to King George V. It is managed by Fareham Borough Council. It is a flat open space screened from the adjacent post war housing by hedging and trees. In the Urban Parks Report, 1997, it is described as being mostly for local schoolchildren as an area for congregating. Little would seem to have changed from 1995, except for a deterioration of the hedging through lack of maintenance. However, the actual children’s play area has probably been fairly recently upgraded.

Current Description

Most of the park is a flat, grassed rectangle with a fenced-off play area. Some of the boundary trees are in poor condition as are the hedges on the three sides. There is a plaque set into the wall with the name and a standard notice board by the entrance. There are no views out.
As a children’s play area the space is well-maintained with newly painted equipment and in good condition. The open space is secure but has no facilities such as goal posts or benches/paths. The whole is dull and uninspiring. A report from the Fareham Borough Council website in 2015 reads: King George V play area will receive a complete refurbishment in time for the summer holidays. The improvements will cost £70,000 and are being paid for out of developer contributions.Drawing on feedback from an online questionnaire completed by local residents and suggestions from the pupils of Locks Heath Junior School, the park will become more family friendly and will feature additional equipment suitable for different ages and abilities, along with further benches and picnic tables.
Unfortunately there is nothing to be seen in 2016 that supports the recommendation above. This could be followed up with Fareham Borough Council.
Recommendation: In 1995, the Urban Parks Review stated that there were no elements of ‘heritage merit’ in the park, which is still the case in 2016. It is however, a functioning if uninspiring public open space, with a children’s play area. It is noted as a public open space.

HGT Urban Parks Survey 2016 for the full report click here

The open grass area from the play area

View from open grass area across the playground towards Warsash Road

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