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HCC Site ID: 1064 Parish: Hythe and Dibden
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Access: Hospital access and housing estate Ownership: NHS & Multiple Private

Location and Site

Langdown Lodge became the White House and later was incorporated into Hythe and District Hospital.

Historic Development

The 1st ed OS map, 1870 (HCC), shows Langdown Lodge, a modest house with deciduous planting. The Directory for Hampshire, 1871, notes Lamford Acland living in the Lodge and by 1903, Kelly’s Directory names Arthur Tugwell as resident.
Dibden tithe apportionment, 1927, (51M76/P/1/4 HRO) shows that Sir Henry Ewart paid the tithe for Langdown Lodge, which is now called the White House.
On the 4th ed OS map (HCC), 1932, Langdown Lodge, now named The White House, has been enlarged. To the west of the house, tanks are indicated and further west greenhouses behind an outbuilding or possible row of cottages. There is considerable parkland with evergreen and deciduous planting. The land falls away to the south beyond which point are a series of ponds with a larger pond set in a landscaped area of deciduous and evergreen planting.
A photograph from 1934 shows that the White House is now the Hythe and District Cottage Hospital (Curtis & Pritchard).
The OS map around 1980 shows a hospital on the site with small grounds surrounded by housing (HCC).

Current Description

In 2000 a site visit revealed small vestiges of the gardens with a lawn and a small stream with stones, behind the hospital. However, the gardens to the south are now a housing estate and a medical center has been built to the west of the hospital. Some of the old evergreens in the front of the building appear to be from the original gardens.


Langdown Lodge was one of the Victorian villas of Dibden and Hythe, becoming firstly The White House then being incorporated into Hythe District Hospital. Some vestiges of gardens and trees remain.

Information: 2001


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