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HCC Site ID: 1061 Parish: Hythe and Dibden
Designations: Area: ha
Access: Accessible Ownership: Multiple Private

Location and Site

Hollybank Lodge was once part of the Hollybank estate, one of the Dibden and Hythe Victorian villas with parkland with views to Southampton Water. The site is now a housing estate, with a Hollybank Crescent, Road and Close. The lodge of the estate still exists as you enter Hythe almost opposite the start of West Street.

Historic Development

The 1870 OS map shows Hollybank House with an orchard area to the south, shown as an enclosed narrow strip with trees concentrated at one end. There also is a lodge to the west. Kelly’s Directories 1897 and 1911 name John Dixon as resident. Part of a 1929 map (51M76/P/1/4 HRO) shows new, smaller boundaries to Hollybank House, cutting through the ‘orchard’ area to the south. The existing Hollybank Lodge is shown at the northern end of the grounds, sited on West Street
The 4th ed 1932 OS (HCC) map shows a house with conservatories on two sides. The strip still exists but trees now cover the whole. A second lodge is shown at the south western corner of the grounds.
In the 1930s, Holly Bank House had a view over meadows to Southampton Water. Some time in this decade, the park was sold as a golf course and the old house used as a clubhouse. (Curtis & Pritchard). In 1955 the estate was developed with 123 houses and several farms were incorporated, after a prolonged acquisition period. (51M76/L/1A HRO) The 6”OS map around1980 (HCC) shows that the site of the house and garden is now a housing estate.

Current Description

Holly Bank Lodge remains as a private house without the large grounds. Photographs taken in 1930 together with a more modern photograph show that it remains much as it has always been. A housing estate now lies on most of the parkland with street names of Hollybank Close, Crescent and Road.


One of the Hythe villas of the late 19th century houses with parkland and lodge; now a golf course and housing estate. Holly Bank Lodge remains.

Information 2001


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