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HCC Site ID: 1817 Parish: Fareham
Designations: House LB II Area:
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Multiple, Private

Location and site

Hollam House is a substantial Georgian House built in 1802 with fine views over the River Meon from the rear of the house, and the upstairs of the house, views of the Isle of Wight and Spithead. It is a Grade II listed building. The house and gardens are south east of Titchfield, on the Gosport Road. Generally, a low lying landscape gently sloping north to south where grassland pasture dominates (G and F Coastal Plain 2012 online).

Historic development

The first record found is of a retired Royal Navel Officer, James Anderson, living at Hollam, being granted a coat of arms in 1789. During the mid 19th century, the Andersons married into another land-owning family, the Hewetts, whose ownership continued until 1956, although the last surviving relatives did not reside there. In the mid 1960’s the farm is referred to as Hollam Hill Farm, which suggests that the farm and house had come under separate ownership.
In 1847, the front lawn, south of the house, was planted with clumps and specimen trees with a belt of shrubs and trees screening the road. A Long Walk to the west of the house had a pathway on the northern boundary, shrubs or trees had been planted on the south side to screen the farm buildings, this walk was already noted on the 1825 Blackman map.   The kitchen garden was probably built soon after the house as it is clearly noted on the 1825 map. This is situated almost immediately to the north of the house where the ground drops steeply; shrubs or small trees were first planted, and then a retaining wall was eventually constructed between the two. The kitchen garden appears to have been productive until the mid 20th century; the 1965 O.S. map shows an orchard had been planted there. In the late 19th century, greenhouses replaced the sheds that were first erected on the northern wall; the area to the north of the walled garden was probably also cultivated, and greenhouses were erected on the northern boundary where there was an indication that a parterre might have existed at one time. Adjacent to this area there was a small pond, with a circular path and planting. For many years there was a small orchard in the north and east of the property, adjacent to the Titchfield Road.

Current description

The house became a Private Nursing Home in 1968, and remained so until about 6 or 7 years ago. In 2001 it was being renovated and divided into separate properties. The front entrance and driveway have remained.


Hollam House is a substantial Georgian villa house built in 1802 with fine views over the River Meon, Portsmouth, Spithead and the Isle of Wight. It is a Grade II listed building. The front lawn, driveway, and a large area of the kitchen garden remain.

HGT Research 2001 updated March 2012


The HGT Research file has an extensive list of references.
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