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HCC Site ID: 1363 Parish: Horndean
Designations: SDNP, House LB II Area: 2.03 ha
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Private

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Location and site

Hinton Manor is situated on an elevated south-facing site between Catherington and Clanfield, near Waterlooville, in the parish of Horndean. The land is predominantly chalk with clay caps. The house lies approximately 140 metres above sea level and average rainfall is 30-35 inches per year.

Historic development

Hinton Manor was originally a 17th century farmhouse on the Hinton manor estate. Originally called Hinton Farm, it is now a Grade II listed building. The manor belonged to the Hyde family in the seventeenth century until mid-18th century when it descended to the Tooker family. In the later part of the 19th century, the Hyde Salmon Whalley-Tooker family inherited and their main dwelling was Hinton Daubney, although this house was named as Hinton Manor on the 1st edition 25” OS map, 1868, while the present Hinton Manor House was still named Hinton Farm. First shown on the1810 OS 1” map and then the  Greenwood map of 1826, by the 1st ed 25” OS map, 1868, indicates a formally designed divided rectangular area with low hedges, to the SE of the house. Substantial farm buildings lie to the north and an extensive belt of conifer trees to the SW, to the left of the entrance track/drive. A reservoir is also shown in the SW corner of the site. Progressive OS maps maintain much the same pattern in the gardens with the reservoir being named by the 3rd ed OS map, 1909/10 and a glasshouse has appeared.
Ownership is unclear from the Census returns of 1881, 1891 and 1901 do not refer to a Hinton Farm, though Hyde Salmon Whalley-Tooker is named for Hinton Daubney in all three Census returns. Few changes were made to grounds apart from the addition of some trees and a few farm buildings and the property was run as a farm until 1995 when was sold in Lots, in total 340 acres.
In 1997, planning permission was given to develop some of the barns for housing and in 2003 the house and the main grounds were bought by Mr and Mrs Cox.

Current description

Hinton Manor

Hinton Manor

The Coxes carried out a lot of work and have skillfully turned the reservoir into a lake with landing stage and summerhouse. A gate post has been replaced. The more formal areas are lawned with mature trees and clipped hedgerows. Due to the site’s elevated position there are extensive views, particularly from the ‘lake’ area. The house was put up for sale in 2011.


A 17th century farmhouse on the Hinton manor estate, known as Hinton Farm until shown on the 3rd ed OS 25” map as Hinton Manor. Features included a reservoir, a belt of trees and extensive farm buildings.   5 acres of gardens developed since 2003 with a lake formed from the reservoir.
HGT Research:, August 2011


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