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HCC Site ID: 1015 Parish: Brockenhurst
Designations: NFNP Area: 35 ha (86 acres)
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Multiple private

Location and site

The original house stood on a slight rise, and commanded a view of the parkland, which rises primarily from the east with an open aspect. It abuts the Brockenhurst to Burley Road to the North, with woods, a bog, a dismantled railway line and a minor road north of Sway to the south. The woods block the view to the west. The whole of the parkland is surrounded by woods, heathland and bog. On the boundaries pine, oak, beech, hollies, birch and rhododendron abound. The boundaries of the park are the same as the 1870s.

Historic development

In 1086 the land at Hincheslea, known as Hincelveslei, or Hinchelesey, was included in the Forest. It was enclosed between the mid 13th and 14th centuries by Nicholas de Cantertone and his family. In the early 19th century Admiral Thomas Wolley or Wooley built a substantial house and it is assumed the park was laid out at the same time. The house was enlarged between 1817 – 1823 by Charles Shreiber. It was burned down in the 1980s, and has now been replaced by a substantial house (satelite image online).

Current description

Oak trees line the main driveway, with fine stands in the park. The park has grazing and pasture. A belt walk from the house along the south side of the park, and as far as the easterly lodge entrance still appears to be used, with a seat at its most southerly point, and a small bridge over a rill.  This walk is mainly on a raised bank with a ditch on the outer edge bordering the forest.
A farm cottage, most likely the Home Farm, is situated approximately at the centre of the park, with a walled garden, various farm buildings, and a bungalow now built between the farm and the ‘Holt’. The lodge is on the Burley Road, the ‘Weirfield Holt’ is on the easterly entrance with only a pathway to the forest. Both dwellings are probably privately owned. The main driveway and entrance to the main house is from the Burley Road Lodge and follows the same line as shown on the 1870s OS map. The same entrance, but another driveway serves the farm cottage, bungalow and Holt.
The remains of the ice house are still visible on the westerly side of the main house. It is probably the last one to be in used in Hampshire by the Lovell family in 1929.


The New Forest land at Hinchelsea was enclosure between the mid 13th and 14th centuries. The parkland was probably created during the early 19th century when a substantial house was built by Admiral Thomas Wolley or Wooley. The house was burnt down in the 1980s but the parkland of 35 ha (86 acres) remains much the same as the late 19th century. This includes an approach drive, perimeter belt walk, walled garden, farm, outbuildings, lodge (listed) and ‘Holt’.

HGT Research: November 2000

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