Coxlease School, The Priory (High Coxlease)

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HCC Site ID: 1008 Parish: Lyndhurst
Designations: House LB II*, NFNP Area: c4 ha
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Primary Health Care School/Priory Education
Services for children with Special Needs

High Coxlease is one of several small country houses near Lyndhurst built on Crown land in the New Forest. In 1830 Henry Weyland Powell, then the owner of Foxlease, leased an area to the south of Lyndhurst including the woodland known as ‘Coxlease Wild Ground’ (VCH). He made a wild garden with woodland walks; until 1901 there was no house. In 1901 a Crown lease was granted for 99 years to J.E. Smith and a house, attributed to W. Lethaby, was built. Probably at this time, a rock and water garden was laid out (Jekyll & Weaver). During the 20th century there were various owners, Mr and Mrs Humbert occupied the property from 1960 and did an appreciable amount of replanting. In 1981 Coxlease School took over the property (Headmaster D K Weston). In 2008 it is a Primary Health Care school run by the Priory Education Services for children with Special Needs (www site on-line). The house and grounds are well wooded.


An early 20th century house in a woodland setting, formerly a New Forest Inclosure. A small area of cleared ground round the house with a lawn and water garden. Since 1981 owned by an independent school.

HGT Research: April 2008

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