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HCC Site ID: 1357 Parish: Hawkley
Designations: House LB II; SDNP; SINC;
Area: 3.2 ha
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Private/Multiple ownership

Location and site

Hawkley Hurst lies in the north-east of Hampshire about 4 miles from Petersfield in an area where the chalk hangers are a prominent feature. This part of the county has important designations.  It is an area of Scenic Beauty and also a site of Special Scientific Interest and of local importance for Nature Conservation.   The house stands amidst woodland but on rising land so that it has fine views.

Historic development 

The estate was created by Mr. J.J. Maberley in the late 19th  century by gradual purchase of land (Maberley HRO 35M73/PZ2, 31,64) chiefly between Mill Lane and Mabbotts Lane which led to the house and then on to the farm.  Mr Maberley chose the architect S.S. Teulon to design the house from which there are fine views (Kelly 1875).  The land was well-wooded and Mr. Maberley added to this by  planting different kinds of trees. (Maberley HRO 35M73/PZ2, 31)  His gardens were ‘tastefully laid out’ (Kelly 1875).  The Maberley family sold the estate to Mr.T. Clive Davies in 1912 and he arranged for  alterations to the house and garden (HCC Parish file).  Although Gertrude Jekyll supplied plans for planting they were never executed (Jekyll 1914; Sinclair).  Even so, in 1928 the gardens with terrace and lily pond were thought good (HRO 102M92/20). In 1951-53 the estate was put up for sale and sold after being broken up into lots (HRO 159M88/687).  By 1980 it was decided to convert the house into five large courts, each with its own garden, with three flats having communal use of the grounds (HRO 147M85/176). Before the estate was broken up it extended to 270 acres (109 hectares).

Current description

The arrangement made in 1980, of having five courts with private gardens and three flats with use of the communal gardens, still remains.  One of the owners is named as Director of the Gardens.


A late nineteenth century estate with its own farm, with fine views.  It survived  until after World War II when the estate was broken up and parts sold separately.  By 1980 the same solution was found for the house which is now divided into eight dwelling,s with gardens partly private, partly communal.
HGT Research: October 2010


Hampshire Record Office (HRO)
35M73/PZ2      Book written by J.J.Maberley of Hawkley Hurst
145M87/1        Estate accounts and memoranda book kept by Clive Davies of Hawkley Hurst
102M92/20       Petersfield Rural  District.
159M88/687     Sale of estate 1951
64M76/DDT49 Auction 1953
147M85/176       Conversion 1980
Gertrude Jekyll plans for Hawkley Hurst 1914
Kelly, E. R., Hampshire including the Isle of Wight, imprint[S.I.]:[s.n.] 1875
Other Sources
S. Sinclair – Conservation with Lady Susan Sinclair

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