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HCC Site ID: 1137 Parish: Hartley Wintney
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Access: No Public Access Ownership: Private

Historic development

Robert Schultz designed the Croft in 1900 for his friend, A W Pearce. The original garden also appears to be designed by him as the ‘garden rooms’ separated by hedges are in his style. This is shown on the 1911 O.S. map; most of the boundaries of the garden are planted with a mixture of deciduous and evergreen trees with a belt walk. To the south, west and north east of the house, there are a series of small gardens surrounded by hedges of mainly evergreen plantings; one contains an orchard; a larger garden to the north has a small building, possibly a summerhouse; and a pathway between an avenue of trees extending from the house to Thackham’s Lane. This is one of three properties, which were designed by Schultz, after he and his friends had purchased 26 acres of land at Phoenix Green in 1899.
It is known that the house has undergone many alterations, and from a recent map changes can be deduced to the garden. The area to the west and north of the house is still surrounded by trees; the ‘garden rooms’ have disappeared, the summerhouse possibly remains. The avenue of trees and pathway from the house to Thackham’s Lane remain. One of the two enclosed areas south of the house now contains a greenhouse, the other a building, which is probably a garage.


Arts and Crafts house and probably garden designed by Weir Schultz, one of a group of related sites in Phoenix Green.

Information: October 2000

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