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HCC Site ID: 1967 Parish: Hamble
Designations: Area: 2.053 acres (0.83 ha)
Access: Historic site Ownership: Private Residential

Location and Site

The house lies in an elevated but secluded position opposite St Andrew’s Church, facing the present High Street in Hamble-le-Rice.

Historic Development

Hamble House was built in 1740-41 by Moody Janverin, a master shipwright and merchant ship. The original grounds occupied 2.053 acres (0.83 ha.) with an adjoining meadow of about 4 acres (c.1.6ha) on the left. From 1928 to 1940 it was lived in by the aircraft pioneer Alliot Verdon Roe who founded A.V.Roe and Company (HLHS online). The house was situated at the northern end of rectangular well-wooded grounds, with a narrow avenue of trees to the back of the house. (OS 1st ed 25” c1870 map HRO) There is a conservatory on the south-east corner of the house. Described to let in 1889, it had a “gardener’s cottage; productive gardens; hot-houses” (Hampshire Advertiser of April 20 1889). Two undated photos on the Hamble Local History website show a conservatory and wide expanse of lawn and the drive sweeping round to the front of the house with plantings of climbers, shrubs and trees in the grounds (HLHS online).
For sale in 1946, Hamble House was described as a “fine Georgian Period Residence; secluded in lovely old grounds of 3 acres;” (Times online 1946)). The house was demolished in 1960 and replaced by a modern house lived in by the Principal of the Air College until 1983 (Robinson 1987, 53)

Current description

Today, the modern Hamble House sited a little to the east of its original position, is now accessed from the north and shares its original site with a mixture of modern housing. It retains its secluded air, being shielded from the High Street with what may be the original boundary wall. Although it is difficult to ascertain exactly what is behind the wall, there is no evidence of any specimen trees or original garden features or plantings (site visit March 2012).


House built 1740-41 with grounds of 3 acres; demolished 1960,new house retains secluded position from the High Street.

Partial HGT research: November, 2012

References (excluding maps)

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