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HCC Site ID: 1340 Parish: West Meon
Designations: House LB II*, SDNP Area: c5.5 ha
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Private

Location and Site

Hall Place is situated in a wide river valley of soft chalk, cutting through chalk uplands.

Historic Development

Hall Place was built by Isaac Foxcroft in the last quarter of the seventeenth century. It lies on the south bank of the Meon river. Further building in the early eighteenth century transformed the house into a minor gentleman’s residence. At the same time the grounds were planted with various avenues and walks forming broad vistas. Thus in the history of landscape design Hall Place lay between the geometrical designs of the 17th century and the informal parkland of the Georgian period. By 1901 three avenues of beech and yew, having a length of 750 yards, still remained.
The present appearance of the grounds owes much to the knowledge and flair of Sonia Cubitt who was a gardener and who lived in the house for fifty years in the middle of the last century. On the west front she created lawns flanked by raised borders, planted water meadows as a small park and made a rose garden as a victory celebration in 1947. With the advice and assistance of American designer, Lanning Roper, they together planted the south terrace and he created a bower of roses and lavender around a new orangery which had been built by Jeremy Benson in 1955.

Current Description

The present owners have continued to innovate. Not only have they introduced hop-growing but they are also creating a natural wild flower garden on the south chalk slopes of the garden. This is a haven for butterflies. Interesting shapes have been created with the chalk on the slopes above the house.


A late 17th century house, extended in the early 18th century, lying in parkland with walks and vistas. Mid-20th century Sonia Cubbit and Lanning Roperr introduced new plantings and areas of interest.
Present owners have planted hops and are creating a wild flower garden.

Information: October 2008

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