Greywell Hill House (Grewell Hill, Grewell House)

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Image: Greywell Hill House c1855 from North Devon Athenaeum ‘England Under Victoria’ Volume 4

Historic Development

In the 17C Nateley and Greywell manors were owned by the Zouche family of Bramshill, then the Henleys of Northington Grange. The 876 acres of Greywell Manor were bought in 1787 by Guy Carleton, 1st Lord Dorchester, former Governor General of Quebec. Trustees who purchased the Manor for Guy Carleton described it as ‘A delightful spot …charming hills much woods, good water, a small river in the bottom with good Trout….the Farm buildings in most excellent condition’.
There were three farms in the Manor, of which Grewell Farm was probably the least significant. An estate survey of 1788 shows the line of the tunnel for the Basingstoke Canal which crosses the north of the estate. The farm was tenanted, Guy Carleton choosing to live at Kempshott nearby and then in Middlesex. He died in 1808 and it was not until around 1824 when the farm had become a gentleman’s residence that Arthur Henry Carleton, 2nd Lord Dorchester, finally moved in.
The Greenwood map, 1826, indicates that a formal garden has been started and it is clear that a gentleman’s residence would have had pleasure grounds as well. The Tithe map of 1842 shows a mansion, approach drive, stable block, grounds and a surrounding park. The 1st edition OS maps show a partly walled kitchen garden as well as lawns and features such as a fountain and a pond. An old chalk pit to the east of the approach drive has become The Dell. Footpaths lead through the park and there has been much planting of trees in the parkland. An article in the Gardeners’ Chronicle, 1907, indicates that the period 1870s-90s there was a great deal of planting both of plants and trees. A Dutch garden is described in what was originally the chalk pit (shown on early, old maps).
The title of Lord Dorchester became extinct in 1897 but Henrietta Anne Carleton (by now Mrs Leir-Carleton), daughter of the last Lord Dorchester, applied for the reinstatement of the title which was granted by Queen Victoria in 1899. Henrietta then became the 1st Baroness Dorchester. In its turn, this title became extinct in 1963 when Henrietta’s son from her first marriage to Francis Paynton Pigott, died. However, their daughter had already married William James Harris, 6th Earl of Malmesbury. In 2000, William James Harris died and James Carleton Harris became 7th Earl of Malmesbury thus a direct heir of Guy Carleton, 1st Lord Dorchester. He is the current owner of Greywell Hill House.

Current Description

Greywell Hill House

Greywell Hill House

The kitchen garden has disappeared, the pond reduced and the Dell is now rather wild. A new fountain was purchased in 2003 and installed. The old fountain is still on site but the original area is overgrown. Most of the park is used for grazing.


Grewall Farm, part of Greywell manor, was bought by Guy Carleton, 1st Lord Dorchester in 1787. By 1824 the farm had developed as a gentleman’s residence with formal gardens, walled garden and parkland. Much further planting of trees and flowers in late 19C; now gardens diminished and Parkland used for grazing.

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