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HCC Site ID. 1978 Parish: Stockbridge
Designations: House LB II Area: n/k
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Private

Location and Site

The house is sited just south of the Winchester to Stockbridge road, B3049, off the lane to Little Somborne named Somborne Park Road. It lies on high ground with sweeping views down to the B3057, Stockbridge to King’s Somborne road. The house itself has a designed terrace from which there is a stunning, open view to the South.

Historic Development

Some believe that there was a hunting lodge on the site before the present Green Place was built as a holiday cottage for Mr and Mrs Arthur Norman Hill a shipping lawyer, to designs of Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott, the acclaimed Arts and Crafts designer. Evidence for the hunting lodge, however, is hard to find.
Baillie Scott used quality materials with much attention to detail in the architect -designed fixtures and fittings of the house. He also used subtle devices in its plan and setting with a 2-tier brick panel terrace which took advantage of magnificent views through to the fields dropping away to the South. There were lawns, shrubs and trees but little evidence of more garden design, possibly as it was built initially for use as a holiday cottage. The house was enlarged in 1913 to accommodate permanent residence.
Arthur Norman Hill was knighted in 1911 and was made baronet of Green Place in 1919; he also became Lord of the Manor of Stockbridge around this time. Sir Arthur Norman’s wife, Mary died in 1943 and he himself died in 1944. This death was followed by the death of his son, the 2nd Baronet who was killed in action also in 1944 after which the baronetcy became extinct. In 1946, his daughter, Miss Rosaline Hill who had become lady of the Manor, together with her sister decided that the best way to preserve the ancient rights of the freemen and businesses forever was to hand over the Manor together with the house to the National Trust.
Barbara Priestley, the daughter of J B Priestley, became a tenant. She was a well-respected painter belonging to the ‘Circuit Painters’ group of artists.
In 1974 , by direction of the National Trust, the house was put up for sale by Humbert, Flint & Rawings of Albemarle Street, Mayfair, with 3 ½ acres adjoining open countryside. In 1980 it was again put up again for sale, a sales notice for ohn D Wood’s in the Times stating that it was presented to the National Trust in 1920, was incorrect.

Current description

The most recent sale was in 2006, through Wolley & Wallis. An aerial photograph of the house and grounds clearly shows the setting of the terrace and lawns from where a substantial gap in the shrubbery allows for the sweeping view down the valley. There is a paddock to the side of the gardens and the grounds are still mainly shrubberies and lawns.
In 2014 there was an application to install a voltaic solar farm in the countryside to the South of the site, which would have impinged on the designed view from Green Place. On appeal the application was rejected by the Inspector on the grounds that ‘…while it (the solar farm) would be both temporary and reversible, the harm the proposal would cause to the setting, and thereby the significance of Green Place, while less than substantial, would, nonetheless, be of such an extent that it would not be outweighed by the public benefits the proposal would bring forward.’
For the reason given above, the Inspector concluded that the appeal be dismissed.


An Arts and Crafts house designed by Mackay Baillie Scott with a particular aspect of a sweeping view to the South designed to be seen from the Arts and Crafts terrace. A paddock, shrubbberies and lawns comprise the 3 ½ acre grounds.


The designed setting of the Arts and Crafts house with sweeping views down to the South, is such that development which impinged on this view while less than substantial would be of such an extent to be detrimental to the site.
HGT Research August 2014


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