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HCC Site ID: 1970 Parish: Colden Common
Designations: Area: n/k
Access: Historic site Ownership: Private

Images: HRO 111M94W/R16/46 & 101A05/2/7

Location and Site

Foulis Court lies; opposite Fishers Pond, where the road from Twyford and Colden Common divides towards Bishops Waltham or Fair Oak. A loam and clay site in former natural woodland, probably originally part of the Marwell Estate.

Historical development

Foulis Court

Foulis Court

In 1884, Foulis Court was built on the loam and clay site of an earlier isolated house in the woodland near to Fishers Pond for Mrs Percy Munro, following the death in 1883 of her husband, the Reverend Percy Munro, vicar of the church in Colden Common. The obituary in September 1902 refers to Mrs Munro as a great gardener who while living at the new vicarage, had created a fine garden. She continued in this vein at Foulis Court, building on the natural woodland site. Mrs Munro died in 1902, after which there were various owners and tenants until 1915 when the estate was put up for sale in 5 Lots of 12 ½ acres (house and grounds), Home Farm of 105 acres, Crowd Hill Farm of 42 acres, parklike pasture of 5 acres and various small cottages with a total acreage of 163. By 1927, it was lived in by another Reverend John Egerton Hensley and in 1931 by Miss Hensley The estate was further diminished and put up for sale in 1938 by the executors of Mrs M K B Malleson Rogers, by now a house with 11 bedrooms (7 main and 4 for maids) but the grounds reduced to 3 ½ acres of timber and ornamental trees, flowering shrubs, a south terrace; a well-stocked rose garden with in the SE corner a wilderness garden with a pond fed by a small stream in the grounds. The house is described as being well-back from the road, screened by a thick and wide belt of mature coniferous and timber trees; a drive and brick slated 4-room Lodge which is much as seen from the road in 2012.

A further Sales notice (159M88/558) in 1955 refers to a comfortable family residence with 3 ½ acres.

Current Description

The house is set back from the road, as described in 1938, with a lodge and entrance drive. The main impression now is of a small, degraded estate with untidy and uncared-for woodland, though the bones of its earlier glory can be imagined. One of the cottages sold off in Lots in 1925 still stands on the edge of the woodland, on the Colden Common side.


Late Victorian house and gardens originally in large woodland and farmland estate. Reduced to; 3 ½ acres before WW2, Now somewhat degraded with bones of original visible.

Information: 2012


TOP75/3 Obituary notice 1902
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