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HCC Site ID. 1619 Parish: Fareham
Designations: SSSI Area: 7.5 ha
Access: Public Access Ownership: Fareham Borough Council

Location and Site

Eastern Parade is a linear open space to the south of Lower Quay bordering the Fareham estuary on the east and Eastern Parade Road, Salterns Lane and residential housing on the west. It is located mainly on reclaimed marsh land. It is within a Conservation area.

Historic development

In the 18th century, it is likely that two-thirds of the site was used as a saltern where, approximately in the centre of this area, the remains of a quay wall may be found on the shoreline (Taylor/Milne/Greenwood OHM-online). By the 19th century, the quay was probably used by the brick works which were located to the west of the site. A ‘bonding pound’ was situated to the north of the area probably for the storage of cement (OS map 1868). In 1922, the land was acquired by Fareham Borough Council from the War Department when it is understood to have been an area of marshland (HGT Research 1996/7). All that remains of the quay are stone walls on the shoreline. At some stage the inlet was filled in and the area drained.

Current description

Northern section

Northern section

The northern section has regularly mown grass, an enclosed railed play area with newish equipment and picnic benches. Outside the play area are football goal posts, another older style picnic bench and three older style concrete support benches with wooden slats are located on the shoreline. There are a few small clumps of trees and a larger area of woodland in the central portion, which separates it from the southern part that is mainly meadow with some mown pathways. In this area along the western boundary, there are a couple of old style benches that are sheltered by a bank of low growing shrubs and trees. Two new benches and an old style one are located adjacent to the estuary pathway. There is an unmanaged scrub in the most southerly corner with a hardcore path from Fareham Sailing & Motor Boat Club car park, just outside the boundary, extending to the private jetty of the Club. According to a local dog walker, the southern area is only mown once a year as it is considered to be beneficial for wildlife and is therefore left in as natural a state as possible.

There are fine views across the estuary to Cams golf course, and in a few places, glimpses of the cliffs of Portsdown Hill beyond. A footpath of varying quality extends the whole length of the shore of the estuary above the sea wall. The play area appears to be well used and the site is a popular place for dog walkers and fishermen. However, the open space has a slightly neglected look and feel.

Summary and significance

Eastern Parade is an important open space bordering Fareham estuary with a path alongside its whole length. The northern area is mainly used for recreation and the southern is left as a wildlife sanctuary with woodland and scrub in the central portion and the far southern end.
HGT Research: 1996/97, updated May 2016


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