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HCC Site ID. 1777 Parish: Liss
Designations: SDNP Area: n/k
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Private

Location and Site

Durford Edge is located in Durford Wood, 3.2 miles north east of Petersfield, just south of the B2070 (which was the old Portsmouth to London road).
The house faces south, with flat ground to the north, and a steep sided valley immediately to the south. The area of Durford Wood is now extensively covered with mature trees, and any original views are now lost.

Historical Development

Jekyll Parterre July 2011

Jekyll Parterre July 2011

Very little is known about the garden other than information given in the chronological history.
In the early 1920s, Jekyll produced designs for part of the garden and the terrace beds which seem to have been implemented. It seems likely that the property was sold by Knight Frank in 1961 as their details appear with photographs of the house held at the NMRO, Swindon (Ref. CC008661).
At some point, the kitchen garden and orchards in the north of the site were laid to lawn, with occasional fruit trees, and the potting shed was converted into a dwelling.

Current Description

Apart from the loss of the kitchen garden and orchards, much of the original layout of the garden appears to remain. The rose garden appears to retain its original form: low steps up on the south side and a low retaining wall on the north, plus an apparently original sundial on a circular plinth. There is an area of woodland on a ‘plateau’ across the valley to the south of the house which appears to have original paths leading to it, and ‘rides’ between mature trees. (It does not appear that they would have been extensive enough for actual riding.)
The gardens to the north and east of the house, including the tennis lawn, are well maintained. The gardens to the south and west are severely overgrown with rhododendrons, brambles and ragwort. The Jekyll parterre retains a central statue which appears to be the original one, and paths are extant (original?) but no planting. Deer are a problem.


This is a largely extant Arts and Crafts garden designed by Unsworth and Triggs, with one of only two existing garden plans by them, and subsidiary planting and a parterre designed by Gertrude Jekyll in c. 1924, for which the plans also exist.
The garden seems to be under threat (2011) from neglect and possible violation of planning laws: the summer house has disappeared and a leisure complex (partly ruinous) has been built in its place.


Durford Edge has an Arts and Crafts garden designed by Unsworth and Triggs with a parterre designed by Gerrude Jekyll.
HGT Research 2011


Hampshire Record Office (HRO)
Other Sources
Photographs from the Unsworth and Triggs practice album and the Triggs family album.
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