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HCC Site ID: 1117 Parish: Hythe and Dibden
Designations: Area: 9 acres
Access: No Public Access Ownership: HQ of the CTC Aviation Group

Image:CTC Aviation online

Location and Site

Dibden Manor is set back on Bramshott Hill.

Historic Development

The 1st ed OS map, 1869, (HCC) shows the Great Copse and ‘Brambleshot Cottage’ on Bramshott hill but no house. Kelly’s Directory, 1903, names G Martinez living in Dibden Manor. It is believed that the present house was built just post 1900. A Sales map in 1920 and attached to the title deeds of Locks Farm (88M88/T6 HRO) shows a swimming pool and tennis courts in the grounds of Dibden Manor. The 4th ed OS map, 1932, (HCC) marks Dibden Manor between the boundary of the Great Copse and Bramshott Hill. There is a possible orchard area to the south west of the house which is sited SW to NE together with a rectangular area, neither of which are on the earlier OS maps. A garden area possibly lawn with a central bed of conifer and deciduous trees is shown to the east of the house with land falling steeply down towards the boundary of Great Copse. ‘Brambleshot cottage’ has gone, with deciduous planting in its place and Brambelshot has become Bramshott. An OS map around1980 (HCC) shows that a rectangular area remains but no longer appears to be an orchard. Great Copse has decreased in size and a golf course built well to the south of the manor. The garden area is still shown with the central bed of trees.

Current Description

The tile hung, long house built post 1900, is now owned by the Air Training Partnership. A conifer-lined drive leads to the house and the grounds are well cared for. A wooded area which was part of Great Copse lies to the south.


A post 1900 tile hung house with gardens set back on Bramshott Hill, now owned by the Air Training Partnership.

Information: 2000


Hampshire Record Office
Sales map with title deeds for Locks Farm 88M88/T6
Hampshire County Council

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