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HCC Site ID: 1058 Parish: Hythe and Dibden
Designations: Area: 29 acres
Access: Public Access to Recreation Ground Ownership: District Council (recreation ground) and private housing

Location and Site

Jones Lane now lies within in the former Dibden Lodge Estate. Part of the grounds became the Ewart Recreation Ground as well as a site for housing development.

Historic Development

An estate map of 1830s (14M49/2 HRO) shows a house, plantation and walks with a lawn and conservatories or greenhouses to the east. Formal gardens are shown to the south, an orchard to the west and barnyard stables to the northwest. The rest of the land is pasture and arable ground with a lodge, cottage and gardens to the western boundary. The house belonged to William Richards. The Tithe map and apportionment of 1842 (21M65/F7/1 & 2 HRO)show a pleasure ground, arable pasture, a lodge garden, orchard and fishpond belonging to Robert Stratton and tenanted by Sir Grenville Temple. By the OS map of 1870 (HCC) some of the grounds have remained, including the small lodge in the western corner of the gardens seen through evergreen and deciduous planting; the orchard has gone. Mercier and Crocker’s Directory (1871) notes Stewart Rolland living in the house and in Kelly’s Directory (1897), Mrs Rolland is registered as the resident. Kelly’s Directory, 1903, notes Frederick Baddeley. The 1932 OS map (HCC) shows that the railway now runs in a cutting in the southern part of the gardens between the house and a road. A conservatory or greenhouse stands in the gardens while many of the evergreens and deciduous trees remain. A partial line of trees links the grounds to West Street. There were attempts to develop a housing estate from 1935-38 which were not successful due to being against a ribbon development policy (H/SY6/1/47 HRO). Sales details of a proposed Sale 1952 refer to 6 beds. 2 baths, conservatory, offices, stable block and 2 1/2 acres of garden (159M88/426 HRO). From 1951-54 there were attempts to sell the estate for a housing and the house was finally demolished in the late 1950s (51M76/P/4/10 HRO). Part of the grounds became the Ewart Recreation Ground when it was moved across Jones Lane in 1974 (GP). An OS map around 1980 (HCC) shows the recreation ground and housing where the house and grounds stood.

Current Description

Now a housing estate, in 2001 some deciduous trees were still to be seen in the Recreation ground including the partial line linking to West Street.


Dibden Lodge, a 19th century large house and estate, has disappeared. The area is now partly the Ewart Recreation Ground in Hythe and partly housing; one of its roads is named Dibden Lodge Close. A few old oak and conifer trees remain.

Information: 2001 and 2013


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