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HCC Site ID: 1057 Parish: Hythe and Dibden
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Access: No Public Access Ownership: Multiple private

Location and Site

The three houses with the name Depedene, including the original house, Depedene Brow, are located south of Claypits Lane in Dibden.

Historic Development

Three houses, Depedene, Depedene Lodge and Depedene Cottage stand on the site of the original Deepdene house, Deepdene Brow. Two of the buildings are fairly recent. The house called Depedene is the original house with one storey less than when it was built. The1870 OS map (HCC) shows a small house and garden. An orchard lies to the east of the house with a line of conifers to the south. Mercier and Crocker’s Directory for 1871 names E N Harvey as resident of Deepdene. A Deepdene Brow is named in Kelly’s Directory 1903 with about 300 acres and the 1911 Census gives Mr Leslie Clervaux Saunders resident. The 1932 OS map (HCC) shows that the orchard area has disappeared although its rectangular area remains as well as the line of conifers. An OS map of around 1980 (HCC) shows the present three houses with divided gardens on the site. The house was for sale in 1939 just before the outbreak of war (117/M91/SP54 HRO). Documents from 1948 note that the three residences suffered war damage (157M89W/91 HRO).

Current Description

There are the three houses at Depedene. Some of the surrounding land belongs to the parish but little of the gardens of Deepdene Brow appear to remain.


19th century, one original house, Deepdene Brow, with orchard and garden replaced by three properties, two buildings of which are late 20th century.

Information: 2001


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